Alcoholism – Symptoms, Signs, Withdrawal & Treatment in St. Lucie County, FL

Port Saint Lucie is a city in a region of Florida known as the Treasure Coast. It is a city that sits on the St. Lucie River, just north of Palm Beach County. During the past few decades, Port St. Lucie has been a popular, quiet community for people from the busier areas of South Florida to relocate to. Property values are historically lower and the city moves at a slower pace compared to the bustling regions to the South.

As you will find in any city in the world, Port St. Lucie has its share of problems with alcohol abuse amongst its residents. If you live in PSL, or in Vero, Tequesta, Fort Pierce, PGA, or Okeechobee, you will be happy to know that Port Saint Lucie has the finest, state-of-the-art alcohol rehab and drug rehab facilities in the state of Florida. It is also not difficult to access resources to the South in Palm Beach County and Broward County, thanks to good highways and rail systems.

If you are a resident of Port St. Lucie and you are concerned about how you are handling the symptoms of alcoholism, the best thing to do is see a doctor who has experience in treating alcohol withdrawal symptoms. A doctor can help you with medical treatment to learn how to stop drinking.

If the effects of alcohol are destroying your life, it is time to see a doctor and get started with medical treatment for alcohol abuse. There are doctors in Port Saint Lucie who are prepared to help you quit drinking. You simply have to make the call.

While our office is in Fort Lauderdale, we do have some patients who travel from Port Saint Lucie for medical treatment for alcoholism. There are patients who appreciate the fact that they get to spend more time with the doctor and they have easier access to contact the doctor at any time, day or night, for support in their efforts to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. In our practice, we provide medication-assisted treatment for alcoholism with naltrexone as well as treatment for opioid use disorder with naltrexone and buprenorphine/naloxone.

Concierge Addiction Treatment Services in St. Lucie Country

Concierge drug treatment is simply the best way to treat drug and alcohol addiction. Rather than being thrown into a large and impersonal drug rehab program filled with many patients and a small staff, concierge addiction treatment means that you get 1-on-1 care from a real doctor with experience in treating alcohol and drug dependence.

Is it possible to find concierge addiction treatment in Port St. Lucie? While there are excellent concierge addiction treatment services right in Port St. Lucie, you may be relieved to discover that it is not too difficult to travel a short distance to one of many excellent programs throughout the South Florida region. You have many options when it comes to concierge substance abuse treatment.

If concierge addiction treatment sounds like something that is only accessible to the super-rich, think again. Concierge drug treatment is not only affordable, but it is also increasingly being used by people of all walks of life. Because it is far less expensive than inpatient rehab programs, it is an excellent option for anyone who is interested in quitting drugs such as alcohol or opiates. Concierge treatment simply means that you get more personalized care from your doctor.

Subutex Addiction Clinics – For Opiate Addiction Treatment in St. Lucie Country

Are there Subutex doctors near me in St. Lucie County? While you may not find as many available doctors in the Treasure Coast area, you will certainly be able to find Subutex doctors in this location. In order to find a facility nearby that meets your needs, you may want to search for Subutex doctors online using tools, such as the SAMHSA treatment locator or Treatment Match.

Port St Lucie does have a growing collection of high-quality addiction clinics. To find one that best meets your needs, check with your health insurance company. Or, contact your local hospital for a referral to participating Subutex addiction clinics near you.

Suboxone (Buprenorphine and Naloxone) – Side Effects, Symptoms & Treatment in St. Lucie Country

What is Suboxone? It is a medication that prevents ongoing withdrawal symptoms and cravings after you quit dangerous opioids, such as fentanyl, heroin or even prescription pain pills. Suboxone doctors prescribe this medication which dissolves under your tongue each day. They will also recommend therapy with a psychologist and possibly peer support group meetings.

How do I find Suboxone treatment near me in Port Saint Lucie? I need to know how to get Suboxone. If you are trying to quit heroin, fentanyl, Dilaudid, or oxycodone, you may be a good candidate for Suboxone treatment. There are many Suboxone doctors in St. Lucie County, FL. An online search will reveal many Suboxone treatment providers for Suboxone, ZubSolv, Subutex, Sublocade, and Probuphine. Soon, they will also be providing the new buprenorphine shot, Brixadi, as well.

When it comes to treatment with Suboxone, should I be worried about side effects? While all medications have potential side effects, Suboxone tends to not be a problem for most patients. If you have a problem with opioid use disorder in Port St Lucie, Florida, do not hesitate to get help right away. The dangers of opioid misuse and street opioids far outway any concerns of side effects.

Is there a free Suboxone clinic near me in Port St Lucie? The average cost of Suboxone treatment in Port Saint Lucie is fairly reasonable, especially compared to some other regions in Florida. However, you may want to consider free suboxone clinics if you are unable to afford treatment. In nearby West Palm Beach, there is a program at JFK Medical Center.

Do Suboxone doctors near me also provide the Sublocade shot? What about Sublocade vs Vivitrol? Which is best? Vivitrol is a monthly naltrexone shot. While it does work, it also has some limitations related to cost and when it can be started. I believe that for opioid use disorder, Sublocade is a somewhat better option. However, naltrexone in tablet form is ideal for people who are graduating from long-term residential rehab. This effective medication should be offered to nearly all patients leaving rehab programs where patients are drug-free for at least two weeks.

In-House Drug and Alcohol Rehab in St. Lucie

In-house alcohol rehab does exist in Port St. Lucie, FL, but there may not be as many facilities as other regions of South FL. If you are looking for in-house drug rehab or alcohol rehab, you can, however, find a location not far from where you live. There are many good facilities just south of St. Lucie County.

In addition to various in-house and day treatment programs that are available throughout Florida, you may want to consider treatment with a private doctor’s office. With modern medical treatment that is proven to be effective, doctors are able to treat various forms of addiction right in their office. This is an option to consider if you cannot afford to take time off from your daily life at work and home.

Low Dose Naltrexone: Uses, Side-effects & Treatment in St. Lucie

Low dose naltrexone is a treatment for conditions such as fibromyalgia pain that is gaining popularity. Any doctor can prescribe LDN. If you cannot find a pharmacy to fill a compound prescription in the area of Port St. Lucie, you may want to consider a mail-order pharmacy elsewhere in the state. When it comes to LDN, naltrexone side effects are not a major concern because of the low dosage of the drug that is used in compounded low dose naltrexone.

In addition to the low dose naltrexone protocol, there are also other uses for naltrexone at its usual strength of 50mg daily. Patients who are overcoming alcohol addiction and opioid addiction are prescribed naltrexone reducing cravings for their drug of choice. There is also evidence that naltrexone may be helpful in treating other forms of addiction.

A recent article points out the possibility that cocaine and amphetamine addiction may be treated with naltrexone. Non-drug addictions, such as sex addiction and gambling addiction may respond to naltrexone therapy as well.

Methadone – Purpose, Uses, Side Effects, and Risks & Treatment in St. Lucie

Surprisingly, you can find a methadone clinic not far away in Port St. Lucie. Why would you want to find methadone treatment? Are methadone side effects a major concern? When it comes to methadone, it is still considered to be the gold standard of treatment for opioid use disorder. Especially with some of the dangerous street opioids today that are tainted with fentanyl and carfentanil, methadone treatment may be the best option for many patients.

There has been some discussion about the possible benefits of inpatient drug treatment programs providing methadone treatment in their facilities. This was not considered to be necessary previously, but with the current opioid crisis in our country coupled with the dangers of fentanyl being imported from China, it may be time to bring this highly effective form of therapy into more treatment programs.

Opioid and Opiate Withdrawal: Symptoms and Treatments in St. Lucie

Even in a quiet village on the east coast of Florida, it is possible to be alone and afraid, suffering from severe opioid withdrawal. Opioid addiction is everywhere. It is in the big cities and out in the country and everywhere in between. If you live in Port St. Lucie or even in Stuart, do not be ashamed of your drug use. Get help as soon as possible before it is too late.

While you may want to believe that you can be strong and get through the opiate withdrawal on your own without help, the most serious danger is in having a relapse while attempting to detox yourself. The thoughts of having “just one more” can be overwhelming when you are fighting opioid withdrawal by yourself. It is important to get help when you are ready to quit using opioids.

Oxycodone Withdrawal and Detox in St. Lucie

Oxycodone withdrawal can be quite uncomfortable. In fact, it is similar to heroin withdrawal. If you are trying to detox off of this potent pain medication, see a local Florida doctor and learn more about available medical treatment that can help you to not suffer from prolonged oxycodone withdrawal.

VIP Drug Rehabilitation & Treatment Centers in St. Lucie

What is privacy rehabilitation? How can I get private and personal VIP rehabilitation services for my addiction? When it comes to private drug treatment centers, you have many local options as well as various luxury drug abuse treatment programs around the country. If cost is not an issue, you can even attend private pay rehab in Maine in a program that is managed by the psychiatrists of Harvard University Medical School.

However, a month of drug rehab does not have to cost as much as a high-end luxury car. It is possible to visit a VIP rehab center in a private physician’s office that is a small fraction of the cost of residential private drug rehab centers. Private addiction treatment can be both affordable and effective. When you think of an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center, it does not have to be a fancy place where you put your life on hold for a month or more. It can simply be a private doctor whom you visit weekly or monthly to address your addiction issues.

Mindfulness Meditation – How to Practice It

Do you know what mindfulness meditation is? It does not have to be anything formal. It can simply be where you are walking down a quiet nature path or on the beach, by the ocean, just taking in the sights and sounds. You are aware of your surroundings and your own thoughts. You do not let yourself, however, get carried away by your thoughts. Through mindfulness meditation, you can learn to identify those negative thoughts that breed in your mind and lead you to negative actions. In Florida, even in the busiest of cities, you are never far away from beautiful nature areas where you can get away from everything to take a break from the ongoing treadmill of everyday life.