Concierge medicine is an area of medical care that has become popular in recent years. It involves breaking down the barriers between doctors and patients. Have you ever stood in line at a pharmacy just to be told that the pharmacist cannot help you because he or she cannot get your doctor on the phone? Or maybe you need a medication from the pharmacist and you find out it requires a prescription.

In a traditional “big box” doctor’s office, you must make an appointment with your doctor during office hours. You must drive to the office, sign in with the office staff and sit and wait. In some busy doctor’s offices, the wait can be quite long. Sometimes, you don’t get to see your own doctor. Some medical practices employ more than one doctor and other health care providers who are like doctors but may be more limited. All of this stressful and time consuming activity is just to get to the point that you can get back in line at the pharmacy to get what you need.

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If you do not want to suffer with the frustrating and time wasting activity of going to see a doctor, you may be very interested in concierge medicine, also referred to as VIP medicine. It is a different philosophy and a different approach to medical care. If you are a member of a concierge medical practice, you can skip all of the usual hassle of seeing a doctor. In some cases, problems can be solved with only a phone call. A phone call directly to your doctor. How is it possible to call your doctor directly? You just call! If you are part of Dr. Leeds concierge medicine VIP program in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County, you will have a direct line that goes directly to Dr. Leeds’ cell phone.

So Concierge medicine does mean that you, as a patient, are treated as a very important person. It is almost like having a doctor in the family. Maybe it is even better than having a doctor in the family. You may be thinking that having a concierge medicine doctor in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County would be very expensive. You would be surprised to find out that Dr. Leeds does not charge very much at all for this unique and personalized service. Please call Dr. Leeds today to see if concierge medicine is right for you.