Under the Tongue Absorption of Subutex Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Under the Tongue Absorption of Subutex Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Under the Tongue Absorption of Subutex Treatment

Why do you have to put subutex under your tongue for it to work?

Subutex treatment in Fort Lauderdale can help save the lives of our city’s citizens who have become dependent on opioids such as pain meds and heroine.  It is important when starting treatment to listen carefully to your doctor and follow the directions on how to take Subutex.  Subutex treatment is taken differently than other medicines.  It is placed under the tongue and left there to dissolve and absorb.  If swallowed, it will not work.  The medication must get directly into the blood stream and pass through the stomach and intestines.  So, Putting it under the tongue is the best way currently to administer Subutex treatment to patients who are opioid dependent.

Are there any other suggestions to make the medication more effective?

While the subutex tablet is resting under your tongue, it is important to avoid any other activities with your mouth for up to ten minutes.  Do not smoke.  Do not eat or drink.  Furthermore, do not talk to anyone.  No conversations while taking your medication. It is best to just keep your mouth closed and the tablet under your tongue.  Some patients have reported better results by placing the tablet in different positions under the tongue.  This should not matter, but is a matter of personal preference.

How can I learn more about how to take Subutex treatment to help with opioid addiction?

If you are in the Fort Lauderdale area or surrounding communities and you think that Subutex treatment might be right for you, you should call Dr. Leeds.  This is because Dr. Leeds has been using Subutex and similar medications for the past decade to help people with opioid dependence problems get back to their normal life.  Dr. Leeds provides affordable, personalized care to his patients and can help you through this transition to a better life. Call 954-776-6226 today for more information.