A New Addiction Treatment Product That Changes Everything

About one month ago, as of the writing of this post, Mylan has released a generic version of the Suboxone Sublingual Film. It is so new that GoodRx.com does not even have a discount price listed for it. However, I have heard reports back that prices are very low. The affordable Mylan generic Suboxone strips make it possible for anyone struggling with opiate addiction to get treatment. Continue reading “Mylan Generic Suboxone Strips For Opiate Addiction”

If methadone is such a bad drug, why do we use it to treat addiction?

As you are probably aware, methadone has a terrible reputation. People believe that it gets into the bones and rots the teeth of the methadone user. There is no truth to these methadone myths. While it is true that methadone can be dangerous if misused, under the care of a licensed treatment program, it can be safe and highly effective. Especially in today’s world of tainted heroin, methadone can be the best option available. Dangerous fentanyl analogs found in street heroin wreak havoc with the user’s opioid receptors and make it difficult for any medical addiction treatment to work. Yet, methadone’s unique properties make it an ideal treatment in this situation. Continue reading “How Long Do I Need To Wait To Take Suboxone After Taking Methadone?”

MAT: What is it?

MAT is an acronym. Simply, it stands for Medication Assisted Treatment. Doctors use MAT in conversation when they are talking about medical treatment for opioid addiction. Continue reading “MAT for Opiate and Opioid Dependence and Addiction”

What happens before I see the doctor?

There is something you have to do first. Something that is not going to be easy. If you want to start Suboxone, you have to quit drugs first. You have to put the heroin or pills down in the first 24 hours. Continue reading “The First 24 Hours”

Escape Rooms are an analogy for the process of gaining freedom from oppression.

Have you visited any of the many escape rooms? These businesses are popping up everywhere. It is a new and exciting form of entertainment that teaches valuable lessons. Hence, those of us who are in difficult life situations can learn from them. Continue reading “The Escape Rooms: Planning Your Escape”

Willingness to accept addiction and overcome it.

Willingness to take action is essential in taking the first step to recovery. You may have a conversation early on with your sponsor about willingness. Are you ready to put it all behind you and begin a new way of life? Continue reading “Willingness to be openminded about how to help people trying to quit opioids”

Narcotic Addicts of the Gold Coast and South Broward, get help now.

Narcotic Addicts of the Gold Coast and South Broward, do you know what resources are available to you for help? When you are ready to stop hurting yourself, do you know who to call and what to do? It can be confusing. There is conflicting information out there.

Continue reading “Narcotic Addicts of the Gold Coast and South Broward”

What is Zubsolv?

Zubsolv is a prescription drug with the same ingredients as Suboxone. It is used to help people quit dangerous drugs such as heroin and pain pills.  This medication is part of a treatment plan for opioid dependence and addiction.  It is taken just like the Suboxone films.  You place it under the tongue and allowed to fully dissolve. Continue reading “Is Zubsolv Generic For Suboxone?”

Trauma and Addiction

In many cases, people who suffer from addiction to drugs have experienced some form of trauma during their lifetime.  The trauma may have occurred during early childhood.  Or, it may have occurred later in life.

Continue reading “Trauma And Addiction: The PTSD Connection”

Cravings For Drugs

When it comes to addiction, cravings for drugs are a big problem.  The word, “craving”, is almost too innocent for what it represents.  In the context of drug addiction, it is not the same as a pregnant woman having a craving for pickles and ice cream.  It is not like having a craving for a late night pizza or an ice cream cone.  There may be no word in the English language that captures the horror brought on those who suffer from addiction and the people around them by cravings. Continue reading “Cravings For Drugs”