Do all doctors test for fentanyl?

When an addiction treatment doctor orders urine drug tests, there are various choices. The basic drug test will test for heroin, morphine, methadone, marijuana, cocaine and usually a few other drugs. For doctors who prescribe Suboxone, it is important to specially request drug test kits that include buprenorphine. Surprisingly, most drug test panels do not include fentanyl. In light of the current opioid crisis and rampant fentanyl abuse, this may change in the future. For the time being, doctors who treat opioid addiction may want to order a separate fentanyl test. Continue reading “Specialized Testing Can Prevent Fentanyl Overdose”

Harm Reduction Saves Lives

In other parts of the country and the world, safe injection sites are saving the lives of heroin users. An important part of this harm reduction system is the testing of heroin for fentanyl. The purpose of testing heroin is to ensure that the drug user has real heroin and not deadly, potent fentanyl. Continue reading “Testing Heroin For Fentanyl”

Fake pills are real

If you are addicted to opioids in the form of prescription pills or tablets, the issue of fake pills on the street are a real danger. In fact, you may believe that you are safe because you only use legitimate pharmaceuticals rather than street heroin. Unfortunately, this is not the case, especially now. Continue reading “Fake Pills: A Serious Danger For Opiate and Opioid Users”

Prescribing Suboxone Should Not Cause Distaste Amongst Doctors

According to this article, doctors not prescribing Suboxone is hindering the fight against the opioid epidemic. Then, why are doctors averse to prescribing life saving therapy? With so many benefits to suboxone treatment, why won’t more doctors get involved? Continue reading “Prescribing Suboxone Saves Lives”