What does agency mean?

I once listened to an incredible podcast interview with Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress. He spoke at length about the word, “agency”. What he meant was a kind of freedom. In fact, his life’s work has been to provide people with a platform of self-expression that they can control and own for themselves. This use of the word can be readily applied to the process of recovering from addiction and finding freedom and authenticity in life. This is what I mean by addiction agency. Continue reading “Addiction Agency: Finding True Freedom In Life”

Living better through quitting

Don’t take the title of this article the wrong way. I am not suggesting that you quit going to therapy. If you are seeing a therapist, such as a doctor of psychology, that is a good thing. That is not what I mean by quit therapy. I am proposing a better way to live your life, by quitting as many things as possible that reduce your happiness. Continue reading “Quit Therapy”

Freedom is one of our most valuable possessions.

Yet, we take it for granted. We don’t appreciate the value of freedom until we lose it.  To have freedom is to have options, to be able to do what you choose. Do you get to choose how you live? You may not realize how much control you have in your own life. You may wish you could live in a bigger home, or even a mansion. Maybe you wish you lived in another city. Have you ever considered that you are allowed to sleep in your own bed, the bed and mattress of your choosing? You can play music at night, or you can choose not to play music. You can fall asleep on the couch, watching television.

Continue reading “Freedom Is Your Most Valuable Possession – Stay Clean From Drugs To Protect Your Freedom”