How To Save A Life

I was watching a CPR video this morning. The American Heart Association produced this short and simple YouTube video. While it demonstrated the basics of saving a non-responsive person, my thoughts immediately went to using Narcan as a part of CPR. Continue reading “Using Narcan To Save Lives From Opioid Overdose”

What is Harm Reduction?

Harm reduction, very simply, is a collection of solutions that reduce harm. It is often used in reference to tools that are helpful in reducing sickness and death due to opioid addiction. By helping opioid addicts to stay alive and healthy, we give them hope to recover. Continue reading “Harm Reduction For Opiate And Opioid Addiction Saves Lives”

What is Bootleg Fentanyl?

What we refer to as “Bootleg Fentanyl” is an illegal product that is finding its way from countries such as China and Mexico into the US, Canada, The United Kingdom and many other free nations. As described in this article, illicit labs in these countries are exporting analogs such as furanyl-fentanyl and others. Continue reading “Bootleg Fentanyl: Chemical Warfare That Must Be Stopped”

Harm Reduction Saves Lives

In other parts of the country and the world, safe injection sites are saving the lives of heroin users. An important part of this harm reduction system is the testing of heroin for fentanyl. The purpose of testing heroin is to ensure that the drug user has real heroin and not deadly, potent fentanyl. Continue reading “Testing Heroin For Fentanyl”