Kradom Or Kratom Is A Powerful Street Drug

Incredibly, kradom has been legal for a long time. Because it can get you high and it is not an approved medicine, it is a street drug. People have been ordering it online and buying it in gas stations. Hence, it is readily available. You can click/tap here are more drug facts. Continue reading “Kradom: What You Need To Know Now About This Drug”

How are we observing international overdose awareness day here in Broward County?

Unfortunately, for the heroin and pill dealers, it is business as usual. In fact, I have already seen a patient today who bought heroin and used it this morning. Thankfully, for this particular patient, the recovery process has begun with detox therapy. In observing international overdose awareness day, let us work together to help more of our loved ones get away from active addiction and into recovery. Continue reading “Observing International Overdose Awareness Day in Fort Lauderdale, Florida”