How well does it really work?

You are interested in Suboxone treatment for opiate addiction, but you want to know what are your chances for success. Additionally, you would like to know how it compares to other treatments. So, what is the success rate of Suboxone treatment? Continue reading “What Is The Success Rate Of Suboxone Treatment?”

Making the switch to a safer and easier opioid addiction treatment plan

Transitioning from Methadone to Suboxone can be done. However, if you are on methadone and doing well without any problems, you may want to continue with it. Experts consider Methadone to be the gold standard of treatment for opiate and opioid addiction. Yet, if you are not happy with the restrictive lifestyle and risks of Methadone, you may be interested in making the switch. Continue reading “Methadone To Suboxone: The Right Way To Make The Switch”

By the Grace of God. One addict’s secret to staying clean

“By the grace of God, I am clean today.” That is what my friend told me when I asked him how he did it. From everything I know about addiction, it should have been impossible. Or, at least, it should have been nearly impossible. Continue reading “By The Grace Of God – One Addict’s Secret To Staying Clean”