How To Save A Life

I was watching a CPR video this morning. The American Heart Association produced this short and simple YouTube video. While it demonstrated the basics of saving a non-responsive person, my thoughts immediately went to using Narcan as a part of CPR. Continue reading “Using Narcan To Save Lives From Opioid Overdose”

Jumping On The MAT Bandwagon

If you are looking for an addiction treatment center for opioid addiction, you may notice that many now offer MAT. When it comes to residential rehab MAT, this is a new phenomenon. Historically, the addiction rehab community has despised MAT. So, what has changed? Continue reading “Residential Rehab MAT”

What is the best way to find help close by?

If you are ready to quit opiates or opioids, you may want to start by looking for an experienced doctor. In order to get proper help, you are going to want to find a doctor certified to prescribe MAT medications. Once you know what MAT is, you may be wondering, “how do I find MAT near me?” Continue reading “MAT Near Me: Getting Help For Opioid Addiction Close To Home”

Opiate VS Opioid

What is an opiate?

The word opiate generally refers to naturally occurring drugs that bind to receptors found in the human body known as opioid receptors. Opiates are derived from the opium poppy plant. Morphine is an example of an opiate.  Codeine is another. Heroin is synthesized from morphine and is in a category known as semi-synthetic opioids. So, here is where the confusion between opiate and opioid begin. Heroin, a major drug of abuse all over the world, is not an opiate, yet it is often referred to as an opiate. Continue reading “Opiate VS Opioid. What is the difference?”

Under the Tongue Absorption of Subutex Treatment

Why do you have to put subutex under your tongue for it to work?

Continue reading “Under the Tongue Absorption of Subutex Treatment in Fort Lauderdale”

Heroin Overdose Prevention

What is Heroin Overdose?

Heroin overdose happens when a drug user who is taking heroin to get high takes too much heroin and has unpleasant side effects, possibly leading to death.

Continue reading “Heroin Overdose: How to Prevent and Survive”