by Alek Sabin

According to the CDC, two thirds of Americans have been touched by addiction in some way, and quite often, that addiction begins in teenage years. If you are a parent of an addict or are worried about your child going in that direction, you should know the facts. First and foremost, addiction, and especially drug abuse, can have a tremendous impact on any family of any demographic. There are many different types, causes, and signs of addiction, as well as many steps you can take to help prevent it from entering your home. Here are just a few things that every parent should know about addiction. Continue reading “A Parental Guide to Understanding Addiction”

Podcasts About Addiction And Recovery

What are the best recovery podcasts? First, I should explain what a podcast is. For those of you who have not heard the term before, a podcast is like a radio show. Typically, podcasts are similar to talk radio programs. While there are video podcast programs, most are currently audio only. Continue reading “Best Recovery Podcasts: Listening To The Voices Of Recovery”

A new addition to traditional rehab

Not long ago, most rehab programs refused to offer Suboxone therapy. Now, however, they are finally coming around to the fact that it works to save lives. While Rehab MAT (medication assisted treatment) is a big improvement over traditional treatment, there are some issues to address. Continue reading “Rehab MAT: Following Through To Success”

How do I know if I have an addiction neurology problem?

Drug use often puts a strain on the human nervous system. Hence, after many years of persistent using, damage will occur. While the brain and nervous system can recover and bounce back over time, some damage can be long lasting or even permanent. When you start addiction treatment, you should consider getting checked out by an addiction neurology specialist. Continue reading “Addiction Neurology: Should You Get Your Brain Checked Out?”

The 24 hour struggle

One of the most difficult parts of starting Suboxone treatment is waiting to take the first dose. Unfortunately, if you want the treatment to work properly, you have to wait until you are in withdrawal. Therefore, you have to prepare to wait for up to 24 hours. In some cases, you may have to wait longer. Fortunately, when you do take that first dose, the withdrawal sickness will subside and you will feel better. During the waiting period, you must resist the urge to get high again. In recovery circles, they call this struggle to resist drug cravings, “white knuckling” as described in this article. Continue reading “White Knuckling On To Suboxone”

Are 12 step programs helpful in quitting opioids?

Heroin Anonymous is one of many 12 step programs. When I say “12 step”, I mean a program that has been modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous.  It is called a 12 step program because the program has a set of 12 steps to help you to get clean and stay clean. If you decide to go to a 12 step meeting, you have a lot of choices. Therefore, you may choose to go to Heroin Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous or one of many others. Continue reading “Heroin Anonymous: The Power Of 12 Step Recovery in Quitting Heroin”

The Power Of The Addictive Mind

What is the Brain Trust? This is a concept described by Ed Catmull in his book, Creativity Inc. In the book, he talks about special meetings of the creative thinkers of his company. While a meeting is in session, the attendees cannot attack or judge each others ideas. Yet, candid criticism is welcome. In a Brain Trust meeting, members discuss and refine ideas. Interestingly, Addicted individuals tend to be highly intelligent and creative and they are encouraged to attend regular special meetings. Continue reading “Brain Trust: The Competitive Advantage Of Addiction”

Suboxone Abuse Is Real

it’s easy to attack a medical treatment as being dangerous or ineffective. In fact, any sort of medical treatment that actually works and helps people will also have a downside. Hence, there are side effects, adverse reactions, allergies, and just plain treatment failures. Suboxone abuse is also a concern. Therefore, we must take care in prescribing Suboxone. Continue reading “Suboxone Abuse: Is it safe to use Suboxone to treat addiction?”

Are you paying too much for Suboxone?

While you cannot put a price on therapy that is saving your life, there is nothing wrong with saving money on your prescription. It is possible to save at least 75% on your monthly medication. In fact, you can start right away.  All you need to do is watch this video to learn about Suboxone savings. Continue reading “Suboxone Savings”

How can you find the best addiction treatment programs in the Greater Miami Area?

As you may be aware, the Greater Miami Area refers to Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Miami-Dade County. My city, Fort Lauderdale, is right at the center of this large stretch of land. As you can imagine, there are a great many addiction treatment programs in this region. So, how can you possibly determine which one will be right for you? Inpatient rehab or outpatient treatment? Continue reading “Addiction Treatment Programs In South Florida: Inpatient Rehab Versus Outpatient”