A subcutaneous solution to opioid addiction treatment

What do surgical implants have to do with opioid addiction treatment? By placing an implant device under the skin to steadily release medication, we solve many problems. The medication works better, the patient does not have to remember to take daily meds. Additionally, the doctor and loved ones don’t have to worry about the patient misusing their meds. Unfortunately, there are problems with implant surgeries. The doctor must cut the patient’s skin to implant a medical device. After therapy is complete, the doctor must cut again to get it out. Hence, a non-surgical solution is the holy grail of implant therapies. Continue reading “Non-Surgical Implant: The Unique Nature of Sublocade”

Is it possible to get the best of both worlds?

Methadone is the gold standard when it comes to medication assisted treatment of opioid addiction. Compared to Suboxone, it has a higher success rate. Currently, if you take Methadone, you must go to a clinic every day for your dose. Would injectable methadone work better? Continue reading “Injectable Methadone: Could monthly methadone injections be the answer to better opioid addiction treatment?”

Sublocade And Vivitrol: The two monthly injections for opioid addiction

Sublocade vs Vivitrol. Which one is better? is there, in fact, a better choice for all patients? And, if one monthly shot was clearly better than the other, why would there be a need for both to exist? Continue reading “Sublocade VS Vivitrol”

Sublocade versus Probuphine, which one is better?

Sublocade and Probuphine are two of the newest medical treatments for opiate and opioid dependence. In fact, they could possibly become the new standard, replacing the existing sublingual tablets and films. Sublocade is a monthly injection. Probuphine is a twice yearly implant. So, Sublocade versus Probuphine, which is better? Continue reading “Sublocade Versus Probuphine: The Evolution of MAT”

What is Sublocade?

Fort Lauderdale Sublocade doctors are learning the value of this new and important treatment for opioid addiction. Sublocade is a new medication that is given as a monthly injection. And, as reported in this New Start Recovery article, it provides a new hope for those who are addicted to opiates and opioids and their loved ones. Continue reading “Fort Lauderdale Sublocade Doctors Offer A New Hope”

How is it possible to get opioid addiction treatment medication for only $5 per month?

Sublocade is an injectable form of buprenorphine. The injection is given once each month. This new treatment became available in March of 2018. Finally, doctors are helping to get patients approved for the InSupport copay assistance program.

Continue reading “Get The Suboxone Shot For $5 Per Month: Sublocade And InSupport Copay Assistance”

Heroin and Suboxone: Are they the same drug?

There are articles online proposing that heroin and Suboxone are no different. They make this argument by going down the list and checking off similarities. Both are opioids. Check. Both have abuse potential. Check. And, both heroin and Suboxone have a physical withdrawal syndrome. Hence, heroin and Suboxone are the same. Therefore, doctors are essentially prescribing heroin to drug addicts.

Continue reading “Heroin and Suboxone: Are they the same?”

Detox Clinics now providing monthly injectable buprenorphine in Broward County

In Broward County, residents have been blessed with having many detox clinics available. However, until now, the options for treatment have been limited. For Suboxone patients, there has been a choice of medicine that dissolves under the tongue or a six month surgical implant. Continue reading “Detox Clinics in Broward County Have a New Treatment Tool”