What’s better, Suboxone or ZubSolv?

So, you are about to start medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid or opiate addiction or dependence. Your doctor may present you with a choice of medication brands. While generics are being used more now, the big brands are still preferred by some health plans. Suboxone vs ZubSolv, which one is best? Continue reading “Suboxone VS ZubSolv”

Will this revolutionary addiction treatment be available for free?

Free Sublocade will soon be a reality. For people with insurance, there is already help to get the cost very low. Many patients pay only $5 per monthly injection. However, patients without insurance cannot take advantage of this copay assistance program. Fortunately, a full assistance program is coming soon. Continue reading “Free Sublocade: Read This To Learn How You Can Get The “Suboxone Shot” For Free”

MAT: What is it?

MAT is an acronym. Simply, it stands for Medication Assisted Treatment. Doctors use MAT in conversation when they are talking about medical treatment for opioid addiction. Continue reading “MAT for Opiate and Opioid Dependence and Addiction”

Heroin and Suboxone: Are they the same drug?

There are articles online proposing that heroin and Suboxone are no different. They make this argument by going down the list and checking off similarities. Both are opioids. Check. Both have abuse potential. Check. And, both heroin and Suboxone have a physical withdrawal syndrome. Hence, heroin and Suboxone are the same. Therefore, doctors are essentially prescribing heroin to drug addicts.

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Powerlessness is not hopelessness

If you are addicted to drugs, you may know how it feels to want to stop and not be able to stop. You think you are making your own decisions when you justify using drugs just one more time. Just one more and you will quit after that one. Just one good one and that’s it. Tomorrow you will quit. Soon, you realize that you are lying to yourself. Self-control is an illusion. You really cannot quit on your own. Continue reading “Powerlessness and the Power to Change”

What happens before I see the doctor?

There is something you have to do first. Something that is not going to be easy. If you want to start Suboxone, you have to quit drugs first. You have to put the heroin or pills down in the first 24 hours. Continue reading “The First 24 Hours”

Willingness to accept addiction and overcome it.

Willingness to take action is essential in taking the first step to recovery. You may have a conversation early on with your sponsor about willingness. Are you ready to put it all behind you and begin a new way of life? Continue reading “Willingness to be openminded about how to help people trying to quit opioids”

Ask For Help

Ask for help if you need help. Simon is a 35 year old man with two young children. His children don’t know that anything is wrong with their dad. Simon goes to work every day and comes home to see his family every evening. Simon’s wife suspects that something might be wrong. He has been moody and secretive. Recently, he has been coming home late. The car has been having a lot of problems. It seems like Simon is always having some kind of break down on the road and having to get something fixed. Simon has been taking off more and more sick days off from work. Continue reading “A Man Does Ask For Help. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next…”

What is Zubsolv?

Zubsolv is a prescription drug with the same ingredients as Suboxone. It is used to help people quit dangerous drugs such as heroin and pain pills.  This medication is part of a treatment plan for opioid dependence and addiction.  It is taken just like the Suboxone films.  You place it under the tongue and allowed to fully dissolve. Continue reading “Is Zubsolv Generic For Suboxone?”

Filling a prescription for Suboxone, Subutex, ZubSolv in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County Florida and getting it approved by your insurance company.

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