Is there such as thing as Suboxone coaching?

Suboxone treatment involves taking prescribed Suboxone and going for therapy. Additionally, if you are in a medication-assisted treatment program, you may also go to group support meetings. Is that all there is to Suboxone therapy?

Recovery coaching can be a useful additional service to help you move forward in recovery. Suboxone coaching fills the gap left by traditional therapy and medical care.

Your doctor focuses on ensuring that you take your medication as directed and avoiding street drugs. And, your therapist may focus on childhood traumas and handling triggers that can lead to relapse.

While these elements of treatment are essential, when you start treatment for opioid use disorder, you will notice that, in a short period, you begin to feel normal again. It may seem as if you never had an opioid addiction.

It can help to have someone to talk to who understands addiction and sees it from a different perspective. Your recovery support group, therapist, and the doctor may speak to you as if you have a problem, and you need to work on character flaws and defects.

What if there is nothing wrong with you at all? Could addiction be a coping mechanism similar to other human coping mechanisms? Maybe there is nothing “broken” to be fixed.

Of course, opioid addiction and other drug addictions do lead to brain chemistry changes. Your doctor can manage the medical side of addiction. If you have mental health issues and traumas to address, your therapist can help you.

What about where you are going next?

If you found Superman on the ground with kryptonite chained around his neck, what would you do? First, you would remove the kryptonite and toss it away. Next, you might help him get up on his feet and give him a few minutes to clear his head. Then what would you do?

Would you tell Superman that he was born defective? Or, would you stand back and let him fly away to save the world?

Many people who get stuck in active addiction are like supermen or superwomen with kryptonite chained around their necks. If you could remove their addiction, they would have an unlimited potential for success.

Unfortunately, many “experts” in the addiction treatment field do not see it this way. There is a significant amount of indoctrination into the old 12-step system that goes back to the early 20th century. While that path may be ideal for some people, it is not for everyone.

Maybe the best thing to do for a person in recovery is to help them find direction.

If I were standing with Superman after he recovered from kryptonite sickness, I might point him in the right direction. By pointing out where he can do the most good, I will have done my part. I will have helped a superhero to succeed in helping others.

Professional recovery coaches are becoming more prevalent in the world of addiction recovery.

I recently interviewed Dr. Cali Estes, a psychology doctor who gave up her psychotherapy practice to switch to addiction coaching and life coaching. Dr. Estes realized that her clients were obsessing about the past because they thought that’s what they were supposed to do.

Dr. Cali realized that she could do much more good for her clients by asking the question, “now what?” By focusing on the future and their future success, she was helping her clients in new ways. Addiction coaching is something she provides that her clients do not get from their doctors and therapists.

After that interview, I committed to getting more addiction coaches on the program. I have spoken to gray area drinking coaches and TSM coaches that help people with The Sinclair method for drinking.

Additionally, I have formalized the coaching process that I have been providing to my patients for years. I have always seen the incredible hidden potential on my patients, and I have encouraged them, month after month, to move towards success and fulfillment in life.

One additional benefit of the coaching that I have provided is that I also have had the pleasure of educating some of my patients in the art and science of internet marketing. While it seems like a stretch that a doctor would provide addiction coaching and business coaching to his patients, it is not at all.

I believe in promoting the concept of agency to patients and clients. Freedom from addiction is closely associated with freedom in life. If you have more control in your life and fewer people trying to control you, you will be better prepared to avoid the triggers that lead you back to drugs.

Agency means freedom and ownership. The ultimate expression of your agency is to plan for creating a business. It may not happen overnight, but with time and focused effort, you can get there. When it comes to success in business, the most crucial concept is to have customers.

When you have customers, everything else will take care of itself. The best way to get customers is to know how to market effectively.

Patients often ask me about concepts in SEO and content marketing. These areas are at the foundation of my efforts to provide educational material to the public. Content marketing is about giving before taking and planning for the long term in building online authority.

Sometimes my patients are not ready to think about the details of business and marketing, but I can at least have the conversation and help them to move in that direction if it is right for them.

Freedom is not always easy to obtain and to maintain.

Quality coaching is about helping clients to appreciate freedom and find freedom in their lives. It can be a lot of work, but it is worth it. Being aware of the progress you have made so far can help motivate you to continue pressing forward.

You realize that you find the constant forward movement in building a new life with a foundation of freedom is the most rewarding of all activities. Prioritizing your daily actions becomes second nature because you want to do the things that move you closer to your goals.

If you are interested in coaching or consulting in business or finding freedom in life in general, you are welcome to schedule a session with me. You do not have to be in an opioid addiction treatment program necessarily.

We have coaching and consulting services for all areas of interest in recovery and beyond.

The focus of my medical practice is treating alcohol and opioid addiction as well as other addictions. However, in coaching and consulting, I have also worked with doctors and other individuals interested in starting medical practices and different types of small businesses.

One particularly exciting area of interest for me is helping doctors better understand SEO and content marketing so that they can start successful ideal clinics or micro-practices. I have assisted many doctors in building their online presence to help them reach their independence in providing health care.

Still, I especially enjoy working with my patients who are on Suboxone and other brands of buprenorphine for opioid addiction. The same is true for my patients who take naltrexone for alcohol addiction. When they have an awakening in their first month, overcoming their addictive behavior and thinking, they are ready to quickly push forward in achieving success, freedom, and fulfillment.

I invite you to schedule a coaching and consulting session today. If you are already one of my patients, this service is available to you as part of your regular medical care. Otherwise, if you are already receiving medical addiction treatment, but you would like to have a coaching session, you are also welcome to schedule.

If you are not having any issues with addiction at all, but you are interested in learning more about my insights into the world of SEO and content marketing and starting a micro-practice or similar small business, I also welcome you to schedule coaching and consulting session.