22 Mar, 2019

A Parental Guide to Understanding Addiction

A Parental Guide To Addiction

by Alek Sabin According to the CDC, two thirds of Americans have been touched by addiction in some way, and quite often, that addiction begins in teenage years. If you are a parent of an addict or are worried about your child going in that direction, you should know the facts. First and foremost, addiction, Read article…

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6 Mar, 2019

What Is The Success Rate Of Suboxone Treatment?

success rate of suboxone treatment

How well does it really work? You are interested in Suboxone treatment for opiate addiction, but you want to know what are your chances for success. Additionally, you would like to know how it compares to other treatments. So, what is the success rate of Suboxone treatment?

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19 Feb, 2019

Best Recovery Podcasts: Listening To The Voices Of Recovery

best recovery podcasts

Podcasts About Addiction And Recovery What are the best recovery podcasts? First, I should explain what a podcast is. For those of you who have not heard the term before, a podcast is like a radio show. Typically, podcasts are similar to talk radio programs. While there are video podcast programs, most are currently audio Read article…

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17 Feb, 2019

Suboxone Constipation: How To Address This Serious Issue

suboxone constipation

A Serious Concern Suboxone constipation can be very unpleasant. While Suboxone is a unique medication, it is still an opioid and can cause constipation. In fact all opioids can cause constipation. As described in this article, buprenorphine induced constipation is a significant issue. It is important to let your doctor know if you have this Read article…

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13 Feb, 2019

Rehab MAT: Following Through To Success

rehab mat

A new addition to traditional rehab Not long ago, most rehab programs refused to offer Suboxone therapy. Now, however, they are finally coming around to the fact that it works to save lives. While Rehab MAT (medication assisted treatment) is a big improvement over traditional treatment, there are some issues to address.

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6 Feb, 2019

Non-Surgical Implant: The Unique Nature of Sublocade


A subcutaneous solution to opioid addiction treatment What do surgical implants have to do with opioid addiction treatment? By placing an implant device under the skin to steadily release medication, we solve many problems. The medication works better, the patient does not have to remember to take daily meds. Additionally, the doctor and loved ones Read article…

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5 Feb, 2019

Addiction Neurology: Should You Get Your Brain Checked Out?

addiction neurology

How do I know if I have an addiction neurology problem? Drug use often puts a strain on the human nervous system. Hence, after many years of persistent using, damage will occur. While the brain and nervous system can recover and bounce back over time, some damage can be long lasting or even permanent. When Read article…

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4 Feb, 2019

White Knuckling On To Suboxone

white knuckling

The 24 hour struggle One of the most difficult parts of starting Suboxone treatment is waiting to take the first dose. Unfortunately, if you want the treatment to work properly, you have to wait until you are in withdrawal. Therefore, you have to prepare to wait for up to 24 hours. In some cases, you Read article…

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28 Jan, 2019

Suboxone VS ZubSolv

suboxone vs zubsolv

What’s better, Suboxone or ZubSolv? So, you are about to start medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid or opiate addiction or dependence. Your doctor may present you with a choice of medication brands. While generics are being used more now, the big brands are still preferred by some health plans. Suboxone vs ZubSolv, which one Read article…

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