16 Oct, 2017

How To Find A Suboxone Doctor In Fort Lauderdale

Suboxone Doctor in Fort Lauderdale

Finding a Suboxone Doctor in Fort Lauderdale is Easy If you are trying to quit heroin or fentanyl in Fort Lauderdale or Broward County, I want to let you know that you can do it. Or, if you are misusing opioid tablets, such as oxycodone, dilaudid or others, it is possible to stop now. The first Read More

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7 Oct, 2017

Oxycodone withdrawal: Can it kill you?

oxycodone withdrawal

Are you worried about oxycodone withdrawal? One of the sad facts of addiction is that quitting is put of for so long because of fear. You know that it cannot go on forever. However, the fear causes you to delay. Yet, you know that you must one day face oxycodone withdrawal. “Just one more day”, Read More

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20 Aug, 2017

Discipline To Do What It Takes To Be Successful


Do you have discipline? When I speak to patients about what they want to do about their addiction and how I can help, I ask about discipline. What are you willing to do to get better? Discipline to do what it takes. Are you willing to do anything it takes to quit drugs? Are you Read More

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15 Aug, 2017

Integrity: Seeing The Whole Person


Integrity in seeing the whole person. A human being is more than their disease. Unfortunately, human beings can become sick. Sometimes sickness doesn’t go away. It can linger and persist for a lifetime. We often feel empathy and compassion for the sick and suffering. Integrity means doing the right thing, helping in any way we Read More

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31 Jul, 2017

A higher Level Of Care

What is a higher level of care? A patient recently reached out to let me know that he had transferred to a fast tapering program because he required a “higher level of care”. I respect his decision and I want the best for him and his recovery program. I believe that everyone who struggles with Read More

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31 Jul, 2017

Courage: Having the courage to change everything.


Courage is required to look at your life and see what you need to change When it comes to getting treatment for addiction, making changes in your life is never easy. The natural thing to do is to leave things the way they are. Even when we are not happy with our lives as they Read More

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7 Jul, 2017

Faith: The power of faith in yourself and the possibility of quitting drugs.

Faith can help you to get medical help. Faith is a principle that does not only belong to churches. When you hear the word faith, what does it make you think of? Do you think it means belief in God? Does it mean belief in spiritual powers of the universe? Faith can also mean that Read More

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29 Jun, 2017

Hope: There is hope to overcome opioid addiction with medical treatment.


Medication assisted treatment for opioid dependence gives hope to recover There is hope. Hope to recover. Hope to get better. To not die from a drug overdose. Current medical science provides what is called medication assisted treatment. This is the combined use of special medication and therapy to overcome opioid dependence and addiction. Does the Read More

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18 Jun, 2017

Therapy, Therapy, Therapy


Therapy is the cornerstone of Medication Assisted Treatment Therapy is of the utmost importance in treating opioid dependence and addiction. Therefore, you cannot underestimate its importance. So, make sure you go for therapy! How much do you need? The more, the better.  You should get as much therapy as possible. Twice weekly is standard. If Read More

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12 Jun, 2017

Willingness to be openminded about how to help people trying to quit opioids


Willingness to accept addiction and overcome it. Willingness to take action is essential in taking the first step to recovery. You may have a conversation early on with your sponsor about willingness. Are you ready to put it all behind you and begin a new way of life? Willingness to stay on the path to Read More

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