19 Jan, 2019

VIP Rehab: Getting The Best In Opioid Addiction Treatment

vip rehab

Concierge Treatment For Opioid and Opiate Dependence and Addiction There are true VIP residential programs, such as Borden Cottage in Camden Maine. However, there are also more affordable alternatives closer to home. To get the best in luxury rehab, you may have to pay at least $65,000 per month. Yet, if you are ready to Read article…

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18 Jan, 2019

Lucemyra VS Clonidine: Making Opioid Withdrawal Tolerable

Lucemyra VS Clonidine

Why do patients need medication for withdrawal symptoms? If you have never experienced opioid withdrawal, you may want to consider having some sympathy for those who have. Words cannot express how difficult it is to get through the period of withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, it can take days, even weeks, for symptoms to subside. Therefore, to Read article…

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11 Jan, 2019

Addiction Agency: Finding True Freedom In Life

addiction agency

What does agency mean? I once listened to an incredible podcast interview with Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress. He spoke at length about the word, “agency”. What he meant was a kind of freedom. In fact, his life’s work has been to provide people with a platform of self-expression that they can control and own Read article…

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9 Jan, 2019

Eudaimonic Addiction Therapy: Finding Fulfillment Through Authenticity

eudaimonic addiction therapy

Learn to be happy by being true to yourself Truthfulness and honesty are difficult subjects for an addicted person.If you are addicted to drugs, you have probably been confronted by your loved ones about your lack of honesty. “Where were you last night? Where’s my money? Are you using drugs again?” While lying is a Read article…

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1 Jan, 2019

Using Narcan To Save Lives From Opioid Overdose

using narcan with CPR

How To Save A Life I was watching a CPR video this morning. The American Heart Association produced this short and simple YouTube video. While it demonstrated the basics of saving a non-responsive person, my thoughts immediately went to using Narcan as a part of CPR.

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24 Dec, 2018

Subutex Doctors: What Happens When You Leave Rehab?

subutex doctors

After Subutex Treatment In Rehab, What Happens Next? There is a new trend in rehab. Finally, they are offering MAT to their residents. In fact, if you search Google, you will see an incredible array of rehabs that now offer MAT. The way it works is that a subutex doctor at the rehab prescribes buprenorphine Read article…

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20 Dec, 2018

Residential Rehab MAT

residential rehab mat

Jumping On The MAT Bandwagon If you are looking for an addiction treatment center for opioid addiction, you may notice that many now offer MAT. When it comes to residential rehab MAT, this is a new phenomenon. Historically, the addiction rehab community has despised MAT. So, what has changed?

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17 Dec, 2018

MAT Near Me: Getting Help For Opioid Addiction Close To Home

mat near me

What is the best way to find help close by? If you are ready to quit opiates or opioids, you may want to start by looking for an experienced doctor. In order to get proper help, you are going to want to find a doctor certified to prescribe MAT medications. Once you know what MAT is, Read article…

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10 Dec, 2018

Medication Assisted Treatment Power: MATPWR

medication assisted treatment power

The Power Of Treatment That Works For many years, addiction treatment programs have continued to do what they have always done. In addition to individual and group therapy sessions, they require residents to attend 12-step meetings. This is the foundation of abstinence based addiction therapy. In fact, this is the way that most programs run. Read article…

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