17 Dec, 2018

MAT Near Me: Getting Help For Opioid Addiction Close To Home

mat near me

What is the best way to find help close by? If you are ready to quit opiates or opioids, you may want to start by looking for an experienced doctor. In order to get proper help, you are going to want to find a doctor certified to prescribe MAT medications. Once you know what MAT is, Read article…

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10 Dec, 2018

Medication Assisted Treatment Power: MATPWR

medication assisted treatment power

The Power Of Treatment That Works For many years, addiction treatment programs have continued to do what they have always done. In addition to individual and group therapy sessions, they require residents to attend 12-step meetings. This is the foundation of abstinence based addiction therapy. In fact, this is the way that most programs run. Read article…

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6 Dec, 2018

Women’s Rehab: How Women Quit Heroin with MAT

Women's Rehab

MAT Creates An Equal Playing Field Women’s rehab has its own difficulties. When it comes to traditional addiction treatment, women can sometimes be at a disadvantage. For example, in Narcotics Anonymous meetings, men often outnumber women significantly. Unfortunately, women can have more difficulty getting involved because of this imbalance.

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30 Nov, 2018

Medication Assisted Treatment Virtual Reality: MATVR

medication assisted treatment virtual reality

The Future Of Opioid Addiction Treatment Medication Assisted Treatment Virtual Reality will be a part of the future of addiction treatment. In fact, it is already, in the form of telemedicine, in use today. Patients are getting medical help to recover from opiate and opioid addiction without having to leave their homes. MATVR will someday Read article…

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26 Nov, 2018

Generic Suboxone Film: When Will It Finally Be Approved?

generic suboxone

When Will The Generic Suboxone Strips Be Available? While pharmacies have been carrying generic Suboxone tablets for some time, patients want to know about a generic film or strip. Most patients prefer the film over tablets. The fact is that the film dissolves faster.

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23 Nov, 2018

Kradom: What You Need To Know Now About This Drug


Kradom Or Kratom Is A Powerful Street Drug Incredibly, kradom has been legal for a long time. Because it can get you high and it is not an approved medicine, it is a street drug. People have been ordering it online and buying it in gas stations. Hence, it is readily available. You can click/tap Read article…

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22 Nov, 2018

Four Ways to Improve Sleep During Addiction Recovery

four ways to get better sleep

I want to welcome guest author, Sarah Cummings, of Sleep Advisor. When it comes to recovering from addiction, sleep is an important component of the recovery process. It can take time for sleep cycles to return to normal. Early on, falling asleep and staying asleep can be difficult. There are some excellent tips in this Read article…

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16 Nov, 2018

Heroin Anonymous: The Power Of 12 Step Recovery in Quitting Heroin

Are 12 step programs helpful in quitting opioids? Heroin Anonymous is one of many 12 step programs. When I say “12 step”, I mean a program that has been modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous.  It is called a 12 step program because the program has a set of 12 steps to help you to get clean Read article…

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15 Nov, 2018

Parents Of Addicted Adults: How To Help An Addict

parents of addicted adults how to help an addict

Is it possible to help an adult child who does not want your help? While you may think that the situation is hopeless, you can help your adult child to recover from addiction. Parents of addicted adults can do a great deal to give their children a better chance to survive. In fact, you may Read article…

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