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An interview with Adam Bisaga, M.D. Author of, "Overcoming Opioid Addiction".

To read a transcript of this interview with Dr. Bisaga on The Rehab Podcast, click here.

Buy the book, “Overcoming Opioid Addiction”, by Adam Bisaga, M.D., on Amazon now. This is the definitive book on how to treat addiction to heroin and other opioids and how to resolve the U.S. opioid epidemic. I highly recommend this book.


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When you need medical attention, distance matters! We are a well-established, successful medical practice serving patients in and around Fort Lauderdale and Broward County. If you’re located locally, we’re ideally placed to give you easy access to treatment when you need an urgent appointment.



Here are some of the services provided by Mark Leeds, D.O. in his Fort Lauderdale, Broward County office.

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Dr. Leeds is host of a podcast named, The Rehab. The show can found here: This podcast is a part of the Mental Health News Radio Network. The topic is addiction and addiction treatment. Dr. Leeds interviews award-winning, best-selling authors, award-winning filmmakers, speakers, bloggers and more. If you have an iPhone, you can subscribe in the Podcast app (the purple icon). It is also possible to subscribe in most podcast apps. Thank you for listening!

Treatment for addiction that works for you

When it comes concierge treatment, you expect your doctor to individualize your treatment and therapy programs. While you may think of inpatient rehab facilities to provide concierge service, this is not always the case. Even very expensive luxury rehab institutions often provide cookie-cutter treatment plans.

Concierge treatment

Outpatient concierge therapy can provide the best possible results. In a private doctor office, as opposed to a traditional inpatient rehab, you get one-on-one attention from your doctor. Concierge means that your doctor takes the time to listen. Your concierge addiction doctor listens carefully, without judgement. A proper treatment program should be based on a foundation of compassion and empathy.

Coming out of detox

In a modern drug detox facility, the program helps you to safely and comfortably get off of drugs under observation. An inpatient detox provides around-the-clock care. However, after a week or two, when you leave the detox, where can you continue medication-assisted addiction treatment? Why would you want to continue? Because, ongoing maintenance is the proven method of preventing relapse and giving you time to heal.

Addiction is not an easy thing to overcome

When you leave opiate detox or medical detox, it is time to think about long-term care. Whether you are coming from a luxury rehab or a standard treatment program, planning for personalized concierge addiction treatment is an excellent idea. All it takes is a phone call to schedule a consultation appointment.

Getting past ongoing substance abuse

Especially if you have had an opiate problem, staying clean from opiate drugs long-term is not easy. And, relapse can be very dangerous. These days, we are finding that many patients test positive for fentanyl, even when they had no idea that fentanyl was in their drug. As you may be aware, fentanyl is a deadly highly potent opioid. Even a small amount of fentanyl can kill. A medication such as Suboxone can block cravings and withdrawal sickness. This keeps you safe from those intrusive thoughts that may lead you back to drug use.

Recovery and concierge addiction treatment

If your maintenance addiction treatment program after detox involves buprenorphine medication, such as Suboxone, ZubSolv or Subutex, do not be concerned about your recovery. If you follow medical directions and you do not take street drugs, consider yourself to be clean and in recovery.

Concierge versus the traditional treatment center

As you can see, it can be far easier and more pleasant to work with a kind, caring, compassionate and empathetic concierge doctor for your substance abuse addiction treatment program. Going to rehab can be the right decision in particularly complex cases. Yet, for many patients with an opiate addiction, concierge treatment is the ideal solution. You get to live and home and continue with your daily life. Therapy can be done in-office or even by telemedicine. Doctor visits can be scheduled at your convenience. And, your concierge doctor is always available when you need support.

We are here for you.

In Broward County, from Oakland Park to Pompano Beach. From Weston to Fort Lauderdale. And of course, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Hallandale Beach, Miramar and Cooper City. And all of the surrounding communities, we welcome you to call and schedule an appointment. Concierge care does not mean expensive care. When it comes to overcoming opioid addiction, you deserve the best. Please, contact us today here.

What our patients have to say

  • Exceptional family doctor, but has helped in creating a more healthy, substance free lifestyle.

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  • Dr. Leeds is a very attentive Dr. You never feel rushed. His new office in Ft. Lauderdale is more convenient and the waiting room is comfortable and never crowded.

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  • Awesome doctor, I wish he had an office in Hollywood, I highly recommend him to anyone who wants their life back.

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  • “I had the Great Fortune, of having this Gentleman, as a Doctor, and I was Extremely Impressed on his thoughtfulness, and caring for me. “He has since, Relocated, and I am more than willing to follow him. I Admire him, and I want to switch my Family Practitioner, (of over 30 years), to Dr. Mark Leeds, if he is accepting new Patients.”

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  • “I had the Great Fortune, of having this Gentleman, as a Doctor, and I was Extremely Impressed on his thoughtfulness, and caring for me. “He has since, Relocated, and I am more than willing to follow him. I Admire him, and I want to switch my Family Practitioner, (of over 30 years), to Dr. Mark Leeds, if he is accepting new Patients. I Strongly Recommend him, to anyone, seeking a Real, Down to Earth professional.”

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