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Where is the best place to go for the best alcohol rehab Hollywood has to offer, or the top Hollywood opioid treatment program? If you are searching for a drug rehab, Hollywood has many, but only one concierge addiction doctor provides the best possible addiction treatment in Hollywood, Fl.

Getting the Help You Need in Hollywood, Florida

Dr. Leeds has been providing confidential, concierge addiction treatment programs to the residents of Hollywood for many years now. If you live in Hollywood, and you are looking for the best addiction rehabilitation center that offers caring, empathy, and compassion, Dr. Leeds can help.

When you see an expert in the field of addiction, you do not want a doctor who is judgmental or intimidating. Instead, you would like to have a doctor who takes time, listens to what you have to say, and takes the time to get to know you and your unique situation.

It is not easy, overcoming drug dependence or drug addiction. Benzodiazepine dependence requires gradual tapering, following protocols developed by Dr. Heather Ashton in the Ashton Manual.

Opioid addiction, on the other hand, responds very well to premium Suboxone therapy. For people who drink a little too much, going on alcohol binges, or if they drink excessively every day, Dr. Leeds provides medical treatment with naltrexone, and The Sinclair Method.

Hollywood residents looking for the best in medication assisted treatment programs can rest assured, Dr. Leeds is available via premium addiction treatment telemedicine services throughout the Hollywood area. For local patients, Dr. Leeds is also seeing patients in his office near Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Hollywood residents and visitors who are looking for the best in quality private health care, please contact our office. We can help with counseling, coaching, and more. If you are looking for new ideas for improved peak performance, and the best possible brain health, please email, message, or call for more information.

Living in Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood is a beautiful, comfortable city that is nestled between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. It has a hometown feel, where everyone seems to know everyone else in town. In fact, Hollywood has been called the largest small town in America.

Many people from up north travel to South Florida for the winter, to avoid the freezing cold. Hollywood, Florida happens to be one of the most popular destinations. Northern visitors spend the cold winter months enjoying warm days by the beach, walking on the Hollywood Broadwalk, or sitting on the sandy beach, by the ocean.

I recommend Hollywood as a destination for vacations, and as a great place to live. For people looking for a good place to recover from addiction, Hollywood is known to have among the best recovery communities in the state of Florida.

There are many great Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as well as Narcotics Anonymous meetings. There are also many clubhouses, which are places that host meetings throughout the day.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Dr. Leeds , follows a comprehensive and holistic treatment approach that focuses on you, the patient. Our long-term scientifically based, medically proven treatments are designed to help you, or a loved one, to beat addiction.


ABOUT Mark Leeds, D.O.,

We are a well-established, successful medical practice serving patients in and around Miami and Miami-Dade County, as well as Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, and all of Palm Beach County. We also serve areas surrounding Stuart and Port Saint Lucie. If you’re located locally, we’re ideally placed to give you easy access to treatment when you need an urgent appointment.

Alcoholism – Symptoms, Signs, Withdrawal, Treatment & Alcohol Rehab in Hollywood, Florida

While Hollywood is a fun place to go out for evening entertainment, there is a dark side to Hollywood’s night life for people who find themselves becoming addicted to alcohol. Alcoholism is a condition that causes a person to experience obsessions over alcohol when they are not drinking, and compulsions to keep drinking after they have started.

Not everyone who drinks too much is a full blown alcoholic. Yet, many people who have not reached the stage where they have crossed over into alcoholism still find that they are drinking far too much, once they get started.

Gray area drinking is a phenomenon which has been identified in recent years. A gray area drinker is someone who does not drink every day, and alcohol has not taken over their life, yet, when they do go out to drink, they find themselves overdoing it. Gray area drinkers tend to binge when they drink.

For alcoholics who must be admitted to detox and rehab, Hollywood has excellent programs. Memorial Health System is a network of hospitals and clinics in the Hollywood area. MHS operates detox and rehab facilities, which have been among the best in the country for decades.

Do they have The Sinclair Method in Hollywood, Florida?

If you need help to get your alcohol consumption under control, but you don’t think that meetings, detox, and rehab are for you, you may want to consider The Sinclair Method. The Sinclair Method, also known as TSM, is an excellent protocol of alcohol harm reduction that uses medication assisted treatment to help you slow down your drinking.

Sinclair Method doctors prescribe the medication, naltrexone, to help control the cravings, obsessions, and compulsions related to alcohol. The Sinclair Method works for alcoholics and gray area drinkers.

Over time, TSM extinguishes the addictive thoughts from the brain. This process is known as pharmacological extinction. Essentially, the alcohol habit is gradually erased.

If you are interested in learning more about how The Sinclair Method can help you to reduce your alcohol consumption, please contact Dr. Leeds for more information.

Services And Approach By Hollywood Centre To Effectively Treat Drug Addiction

Abused Drugs

Substance abuse due to a substance use disorder is a medical condition that can be treated by an experienced doctor.

Stimulant Addiction

There are medical treatments that can be effective in reducing stimulant cravings, including crystal meth, cocaine, crack, and others.

Opioid Treatment

Opioid and opiate addiction are treatable conditions. Medication-assisted treatments have excellent outcomes. 

Benzodiazepine Treatment

Benzodiazepine dependence can be treated with medical attention. For more information on benzo dependence treatment in Miami, please contact our office.

Quitting benzodiazepines in Hollywood, Florida

While Hollywood is not experiencing a benzo epidemic, there are many people in the city who are taking prescribed benzodiazepines, and may be struggling with benzo addiction.

Finding benzodiazepine addiction treatment in Hollywood, Florida may seem difficult. Psychiatrists, addiction specialists, and family doctors are often not prepared to work with a patient who is benzo dependent.

Fortunately, Dr. Leeds is experienced in helping patients who are benzodiazepine dependent to taper slowly, and safely. Dr. Leeds uses principles outlined in the Ashton Manual, as well as additional, advanced protocols.

Do you live in Hollywood, Dania, Pembroke Pines, Hallandale, and beyond, and have heard of the Ashton Method for benzodiazepine tapering? If you are interested in how to taper gradually off of benzos, please contact Dr. Leeds.

Concierge Addiction Treatment Services in Hollywood, Florida

What does concierge medical service mean? When we think of the word, concierge, we might think of a person at a desk in a fancy hotel lobby.

I personally always avoided the concierge desk, because I didn’t understand how it worked. Was I supposed to tip them $5 or $20, or nothing at all? Was there a charge for their service? Was it only meant for the fancy suites, executives, the wealthy, and celebrities?

Fortunately, concierge in medical care does not have to be intimidating or mysterious. Concierge simply means personal attention that goes above the standard of care.

For example, if you live in Hollywood, and you are looking for addiction treatment services, you might go to a busy clinic, detox, or rehab for treatment. Or, you can choose to contact a concierge addiction treatment doctor.

What is the difference? The concierge addiction doctor will spend time, giving you personal attention. They will listen carefully to what you have to say, without judgement or interruption.

A concierge physician who treats addiction is knowledgeable about proven, evidence-based addiction treatments. And, the concierge addiction doctor understands that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for addiction.

When you see a concierge doctor, does that mean that you cannot go to rehab or detox? Does the concierge addiction doctor take over all addiction treatment?

While your concierge doctor is prepared to provide advanced medical care, if there is a necessity for additional care, you have no need for concern. Your concierge doctor can help you to find the best possible detox or rehab program available if necessary.

However, in most cases, patients do not need additional addiction treatment while under the care of their concierge doctor. Private, discreet, compassionate, caring treatment is possible, without having to go to a treatment facility.

Please contact us today if you are interested in getting started with treatment for quitting drug use or reducing alcohol use. If you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one, we are here for you.

Subutex Addiction Clinics – For Opiate Addiction Treatment in Hollywood, Florida

How are the Subutex addiction clinics in Hollywood? Are they pleasant places to attend to receive Subutex treatment?

There are a wide range of different types of Subutex and Suboxone treatment programs available.

Subutex programs range from private medical offices to busy daily clinics, where patients must take each daily dose under observation, while a technician sweeps their mouth with a gloved hand to ensure that the medication was taken and not diverted.

For patients who are looking for opiate addiction treatment in Hollywood, I recommend seeing a private Subutex doctor or Suboxone doctor for medication assisted treatment. Still, there are patients who will benefit from the higher level of care provided by a daily clinic or intensive outpatient program.

Suboxone (Buprenorphine and Naloxone) – Side Effects, Symptoms & Treatment in Hollywood, Florida

Does Suboxone have side effects? As many Hollywood, Florida residents who take Suboxone are aware, Suboxone does not cause the typical side effects that we associate with opioid use.

Most opioids cause a variety of symptoms that make it more difficult to function. Opioids tend to cloud a person’s thinking to some degree. This brain fog is even possible for people who take prescribed opioids and follow their doctor’s directions.

Opioids, such as heroin, fentanyl, or oxycodone, wear off quickly, leaving the user feeling as if they need to take more of the drug. They start to obsess over opioids, when and where they will be able to get more.

Suboxone is different in this respect. People who take Suboxone do not get opioid brain fog, cravings, obsessions, or compulsions to take more and more opioids.

However, Suboxone does sometimes cause side effects for a small percentage of patients. The most common side effects are similar to side effects of opioids.

These side effects include constipation, insomnia, excessive sweating, headaches, difficulty urinating, and possibly ankle swelling. Does a person who gets side effects get all of these side effects?

No, typically a person will only have one, maybe two side effects. More likely, the person will have no side effects at all.

Fortunately for Hollywood, Florida residents who take Suboxone and have side effects, there are ways to address these side effects to help them to go away. Suboxone doctors are aware of these possible side effects, and they have strategies to address the issue.

Most important, you should report any side effects from Suboxone to your doctor as soon as possible. Then, your doctor can take action to make a change that will help you to overcome the side effects and to start to feel better when you take Suboxone.

In-House Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hollywood, Florida

What kind of in-house drug and alcohol rehab is available in the city of Hollywood, Florida? As state earlier, Memorial Healthcare System (MHS), as the Broward County public hospital system for South Broward County, provides excellent resources in the Hollywood area for inpatient rehab, detox, and addiction recovery aftercare.

If you are, however, considering a rehab-alternative, I recommend concierge addiction medicine. In many in-house drug and alcohol rehab facilities, you may see a doctor once upon admission.

When you see a concierge addiction treatment physician, you see a doctor every single time, and you have 24/7 access to your doctor, all for a fraction of the cost of in-house rehab.

For more information on an in-house drug and alcohol rehab alternative in Hollywood, Florida, please contact Dr. Leeds.

Get Results Today In Hollywood, FL

Low Dose Naltrexone: Uses, Side-effects & Treatment in Hollywood, Florida

Low Dose Naltrexone is a treatment modality that is available to residents of Hollywood who are looking for an alternative to risky and dangerous treatments for chronic pain and other conditions that may respond well to LDN. Low Dose Naltrexone has been shown to provide relief for some patients with auto-immune disorders who have, as a result, chronic pain issues.

If you are interested in learning more about LDN, and how it might help, and also how it is prescribed to patients in Hollywood, and beyond, please call Dr. Leeds.

Methadone – Purpose, Uses, Side Effects, and Risks & Treatment in Hollywood, Florida

Methadone is a potent opioid drug that has been used to treat heroin addicts since the 1960s. Now, in the 2020s, we no longer call people “addicts” when they have issues with substance use.

While people who go to recovery meetings have every right to refer to themselves in any way they see fit, we should refrain from labeling people with derogatory words, such as “addict.”

Methadone is known as a replacement drug. People stop taking heroin or fentanyl, and the same day, they can be started on methadone. From that point on, every morning, usually at 5am, they must line up at the local methadone clinic for their daily dose.

While methadone is very much like giving a person a replacement opioid so they don’t have to go out and use heroin, buprenorphine is very different.

Buprenorphine is the drug found in Suboxone. While it is an opioid, by definition, it is a unique opioid with unique properties.

People who take Suboxone do not feel high from their medication. They are able to get a full month’s prescription, instead of going to a clinic every day.

And, Suboxone patients can see a private Suboxone doctor to renew their prescription. Patients in Hollywood who are looking for the gold standard of care for opioid dependence are welcome to contact Dr. Leeds for more information.

Opioid and Opiate Withdrawal: Symptoms and Treatments in Hollywood, Florida

What do people in Hollywood, Florida do when they want to stop taking opioid or opiate drugs? The problem is that when a person stops taking an opioid or opiate, they experience physical withdrawal symptoms.

Opioid withdrawal is not something to take lightly. While the withdrawal symptoms that occur with stopping opioids is typically not physically dangerous, it is extremely unpleasant.

In fact, opiate withdrawal and opioid withdrawal syndromes are significant enough that people have been known to continue taking opioids for years to avoid going through withdrawal. Fortunately, there are medications to treat opioid withdrawal that are now available.

Lucemyra is a relatively new medication that is used to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms. It does not completely eliminate withdrawal symptoms, but it makes the symptoms of cold sweats, chills, depression, anxiety, aches, cramps, insomnia, and fatigue more tolerable.

For people who are at risk for serious harm from using street opioids or abusing prescription opioids, it may be best to start methadone or buprenorphine treatment. Methadone and buprenorphine are both approved for treating opioid withdrawal as well.

While these two opioid-type treatment medications also have a withdrawal syndrome, they are much safe than the alternative. Taking street opioids is highly dangerous

Oxycodone Withdrawal and Detox in Hollywood, Florida

At one time, there were many pharmacies in Hollywood, Florida that sold oxycodone tablets. Over the past decade, many of these small, mom and pop pharmacies have gone out of business.

Oxycodone is a potent prescription opioid, often prescribed to treat acute or chronic pain. People who were taking oxycodone and suddenly found it to be unavailable may have switched to another opioid, or if they quit cold turkey, discovered that oxycodone has a significant withdrawal syndrome.

In fact, oxycodone withdrawal is very similar to withdrawal from any other opioid. So, is the treatment for oxycodone withdrawal the same as for heroin withdrawal?

That depends. If a person was abusing oxycodone and became addicted to it, they will benefit from medication-assisted treatment with Suboxone. On the other hand, if the person was prescribed oxycodone for pain, and they no longer need to take it, then Lucemyra may be a good option to help make oxycodone withdrawal symptoms more tolerable.

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VIP Drug Rehabilitation & Treatment Centers in Hollywood, Florida

VIP Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers have become very popular during the past decade. Yet, Hollywood, Florida does not seem to be the home of any well-known VIP drug rehab programs.

Does that mean that getting VIP addiction treatment in Hollywood is not possible? Not at all! 

Of course, getting VIP treatment for an addiction is definitely possible in Hollywood, Florida. In fact, you do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home in many cases.

The key to getting VIP treatment in Hollywood is to contact a concierge addiction physician and therapist. In many cases, treatment can be provided with Telehealth telemedicine services over video calls with your concierge doctor and therapist.

VIP addiction coaching is also helpful as part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program. While you may not go away to get massages, art therapy, and horseback riding therapy, you are welcome to engage in all of these activities at your leisure.

VIP concierge addiction doctors provide the latest in science-based, proven medical therapies for treating drug addiction and drug dependence.

Mindfulness Meditation for Addiction Recovery in Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood is certainly an excellent place to be for people interested in learning about and practicing meditation and mindfulness. The beaches in Hollywood, Florida are beautiful. 

On the beach, along the Broadwalk, there are people sitting in the sand, meditating and practicing Yoga. There are even Yoga classes being held on the sands of the peaceful beach, with the gentle sounds of the surf washing up on the sandy shore.

As you walk north, along the Broadwalk, past the many small restaurants and shops on your left and the beach and ocean to your right, you will notice that the landscape becomes more filled with nature. There are turtle nests in the sand, and crops of trees along the park area.

Years ago, I was out walking on the beach in the early morning, and there was a group of quiet people, working together on something on the sand. I walked closer, and noted that they were a science group, observing the newborn turtles hatching from eggs and struggling to move towards the ocean.

At first, the people told me strictly that I must not touch any of the baby turtles. They were cute, little creatures.

Unfortunately, due to the bright lights from the city, many of the baby turtles became disoriented, and started to walk the wrong way. After some time, the scientists panicked, and changed their mind.

“Please, help us to turn them around!” They were not supposed to interfere in the turtle’s activities, but so many were turned the wrong way, they decided that it was better to break protocol and intervene.

Sometimes, it is best to intervene and help someone when they need help, even when experts are telling you to practice tough love and not help. At that moment, watching the turtles, and helping out, I was simply existing in the moment, taking in the beauty of the night, the moonlight over the calm sea, and the feeling of doing something good to help someone to survive.

Mindfulness is something we can all experience and enjoy. Some people would say that living in the moment in a mindful manner is what life is all about.

Mindful meditation is a practice that can help people to overcome addiction and remain drug and alcohol free. It is simply a matter of taking the time to allow your mind to be quiet, experiencing the world around you.

Hollywood, Florida has much to offer as a vacation destination and a place to settle down and live. It is also a world class region to engage in recovery from addiction.

Frequently Asked Question About Rehabilation

Detox facilities often use the drug, buprenorphine, to quickly taper clients off of opioids. The time period for this fast taper may be anywhere from five days, to a week or two. Unfortunately, fast tapers often lead to failure. Long-term buprenorphine maintenance is usually a more successful strategy.

Rehabs traditionally have been against Suboxone treatment. Because of their focus on 12-step group therapy, derived from the Alcoholics Anonymous program, they prefer abstinence-based addiction treatment, without the use of any medications. While more recently, some rehabs are offering Suboxone, the best option is to see a private Suboxone doctor.

Benzodiazepines are not highly addictive drugs. While it is possible for people to abuse these sedative prescription medications, few people become addicted to them. On the other hand, physical dependence on benzodiazepines is common. People who take benzodiazepines, as directed, for many years, often find that they cannot easily quit.

When people quit drinking cold turkey and go to rehab, they are typically detoxed from alcohol and then introduced to 12-step recovery. One major problem with this strategy for treating alcohol use disorder, or alcoholism, is that people often develop the alcohol deprivation syndrome months later, characterized by intense cravings.

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