Hollywood, Florida is a special and unique place in the heart of South Florida

A beautiful city between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

If you are driving south on I-95 through South Florida, you will notice that after you pass through Fort Lauderdale, and before reaching Miami-Dade County, there are several exits for a city known as Hollywood. You may wonder why there is a city named Hollywood in the center of South Florida. Is it connected in any way to Hollywood, California?

Addiction Recovery Hollywood, FL

A city planned for family and fun.

The city of Hollywood, Florida was founded in 1920 by the real estate developer, Joseph Young. Young’s goal was to create a city by the sea with lakes, large parks, and golf courses. He also wanted his city to have schools and churches. In fact, if you spend some time in Hollywood, you will get the sense that it is still a place that is ideal for raising a family and finding things to do on the weekend. Locals have called Hollywood, “the biggest small town in America”. It’s true that, while being quite a large city with a large population, Hollywood does have a small-town feel to it. From ArtsPark to Topeekeegee Yugnee (TY) Park, you will find that Hollywood FL is all about family and fun.

Going to the beach.

Hollywood beach is known for the Broadwalk. This is a large, paved walkway, similar to a boardwalk, that sits right between a long row of shops and Hollywood beach. This wide walkway extends for several miles. Along the way, there is an outdoor area to watch musical performances and there are many restaurants and a variety of stores. The beach itself is a large beach that is usually not overcrowded. This is in contrast to the relatively small strip of a beach that is often packed with people in Fort Lauderdale. Hollywood beach is a fun and family-oriented place. It is a great place to take a walk and get some exercise outside, right by the ocean. There is even an outdoor gym and yoga on the beach.

Recovering from addiction in Hollywood, FL

While Hollywood, FL is a part of Broward County, along with Fort Lauderdale, it is distinct and unique. Hollywood has its own hospital system, known as the Memorial Healthcare System. It is made up of multiple full-service hospitals around the greater Hollywood area, including Memorial Regional Hospital. Memorial has recently announced that they are providing Medication Assisted Treatment for opiate addiction (MAT). Patients who present to the ER with an opioid overdose will be properly treated and offered ongoing medication-based treatment, such as Suboxone. The hospital system also offers access to the Suboxone maintenance program directly. Additionally, they offer special services for pregnant women.

Hollywood FL has more to offer in the area of addiction and alcoholism recovery.

If you are a tourist, or just passing through, driving down Hollywood Boulevard, Downtown Hollywood, Dania Beach, Hallandale, or one of the many communities of Hollywood, you would never guess that Hollywood has one of the most active and vibrant recovery communities in America. This goes back to Hollywood having the personality of a small town even though it is a large metropolitan area. Meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous can be found in many churches and even dedicated recovery clubhouses throughout Hollywood and Hollywood Beach. There are enough meetings to attend multiple meetings each day of the week. And, when you go to these recovery meetings, you will find that there are many people in attendance who have years and years of clean and sober time. While Hollywood, FL is known publicly for places like Margaritaville and the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, residents of the city in recovery know their community as having a strong spiritual foundation and a great place to quit drugs and alcohol and start a new way of living.