Suboxone Telemedicine is quickly evolving to provide opioid addiction treatment to all

While there are still restrictions in place in many states, including my state of Florida, there are positive changes on the horizons to make it possible to provide addiction treatment to everyone in a personal and private manner, using modern technology. “Suboxone Telemedicine” is a popular way to refer to Medication Assisted Treatment by Telemedicine.

What is telemedicine?

Very simply, it means having a visit with a doctor on a video call. It was not long ago that we did not have video calls. Now, nearly everyone can make and receive video calls on their cell phones. So, why not see your doctor this way? You may wonder how it is possible for the doctor to do a proper exam over the phone. While this is a good point, keep in mind that most of what a doctor needs to know about you comes from the questions the doctor asks and the answers you provide.

Is addiction treatment with telemedicine a good idea?

Actually, buprenorphine treatment for opioid use disorder is ideally suited for telemedicine. Many psychotherapists are already doing therapy this way. The most important aspect of addiction treatment is to make it available to everyone who needs it. In the case of opioid addiction treatment, telemedicine can help to make this possible. While there are still challenges to be faced, as noted in this NPR article, it seems to be clear that making treatment widely available is of the utmost importance.

What is the best way to get telemedicine today?

In today’s world, you should see your doctor in person for addiction treatment if at all possible. So, if visiting your doctor on a monthly basis is not too inconvenient, the therapeutic value of an in-person visit cannot be underestimated. Yet, if you find that it is so difficult to get in to the doctor’s office each month that your recovery may be in danger, ask your doctor about telemedicine. It may be perfectly reasonable to visit your doctor by video call when necessary. In time, this new form of medical treatment will become more refined and acceptable.

If you live in Florida and you would like to find out more about telemedicine programs for addiction treatment, please contact us today.