Mark Leeds, D.O. In The Media Discussing A New Kind Of Medical Practice

Mark Leeds, D.O. In The Media
Dr. Leeds with Kevin M.D.

A newer and more peaceful way to practice medicine.

Dr. Leeds has a unique form of practice that is more patient focused.

Dr. Leeds has many years of experience in running a micro-practice. This includes the development of specialized software and practice systems. There has been interest in the media about these topics. Dr. Leeds has shared with interviewers his insights into providing an environment that puts patients first.

Dr. Leeds

While the primary purpose of a micro-practice is to give the patient better care and better service. It is also to improve the life and health of the doctor.

Many doctors find themselves feeling “burned out” in their career. The business of healthcare can be abusive to doctors. Insurance companies, hospital and clinic bureaucracies, legal and law enforcement scrutiny. Poorly written software designed to maximize profit at the expense of the time and effort of doctors. There are many corporate entities who want to take advantage of doctors. They use doctors with little regard for their health and sanity.

The concept of the micro-practice is the solution.

Therefore, to find freedom, the doctor must let go of the false security of salary and benefits. First, walk away from the complexities of the broken system. The healthcare system is causing patients to get less time and attention from their doctors. It is making the doctors miserable. Second, become aware of the fact that it can be much more simple. Finally, look for examples of doctors who are successfully practicing in a simpler fashion. Then, if you are a doctor, you will see that you can do it too.

So, if you are a healthcare professional interested in more information on running a small, patient focused practice, the media resources listed here can provide a wealth of information.

Dr. Leeds is available for consulting to help physicians build successful micro-practices. Also, technology and software consulting is provided in the area of electronic health records, prescription printing, compliant medical documentation and order generation. If you are a healthcare provider, call 954-776-6226 or go to the contact page to reach Dr. Leeds to learn how he can help you.