After Subutex and Suboxone were in use for opioid and opiate addiction treatment for several years, A new brand of the buprenorphine/naloxone combination was released for treatment of opioid addiction. It can be thought of as a therapeutic equivalent to Suboxone. Yet, it does have some unique advantages.

Why would a doctor recommend ZubSolv over Suboxone?

You could ask the question the other way around as well. Why would a doctor recommend Suboxone over ZubSolv? Both medications are excellent. These prescription drugs are saving lives and changing lives for the better. ZubSolv does have a few clear advantages that can make it a first choice for treatment.

What are ZubSolv’s advantages over Suboxone?

First, ZubSolv is the preferred formulary choice on some health insurance prescription plans. This means, with all other things being equal, ZubSolv will be easier to get approved. Also, ZubSolv does not have the bad aftertaste that many patients complain about with Suboxone and generic buprenorphine tablets. Another advantage is fast dissolving. The minutes that you wait for the medication to dissolve under the tongue can seem like hours. ZubSolv dissolves faster than the competition. Finally, ZubSolv comes in many strengths, making the tapering process easier. Where Suboxone comes in 8mg and 2mg strengths, ZubSolv has many in-between dosages. Simplifying the process of taking medication is always helpful.

Why would a patient prefer to take Suboxone over ZubSolv?

The formulary issue works both ways. Some plans prefer Suboxone Films. And, some patients prefer them. Everyone is different, so choice is always a good thing. Suboxone has been on the market longer and it has strong brand recognition. It is legitimate to ask for a treatment that you know has been proven to work by being on the market for many years. Maybe, a family member or loved one did well with Suboxone. The psychological comfort of sticking with the proven name can work in your favor in helping you to stick with treatment.

Does ZubSolv have any further benefits?

Getting insurance to pay for your treatment medication is not supposed to be difficult. There is law that protects you in getting help. Unfortunately, the big insurance companies and their prescription plan companies sometimes act like they are above the law. Prior authorizations are a roadblock that these companies throw in the way of getting your medicine paid for. Sometimes, they are easy to complete. Unfortunately, in other cases, they are made to be nearly impossible. The insurance companies justify their denials by saying that the doctor did not adequately jump through an impossible set of hoops. Fortunately, Orexo, the company that makes ZubSolv, offers a free 30 tablet deal that has no strings attached. You just have to print a voucher from their website. After that, you can get their discount card as well. In addition to these offers, there is a patient assistance program for uninsured patients with low incomes.