What is rehab for addiction treatment?

Rehabilitation Treatment is a general term for addiction treatment that refers to helping a person to get better and to restore normal functioning. When speaking about addiction, rehabilitation treatment means a program that helps the addict to stop taking drugs. The program also introduces the recovering addict with substance use disorder to programs and principles that will help them to improve their life and avoid relapse in the future.

What kinds of drug rehab exist?

There are two main categories of drug rehab centers. There is inpatient treatment. This means that you are checked into a medically supervised facility where you spend all day in group meetings, classes, therapy and other activities. You then sleep at the facility. For the duration of the program, you do not leave. This means that your life activities are interrupted for the time you are checked in. You lose a significant amount of freedom. Yet, rehab centers are not jails or prisons. Hence, you still do have the choice to check out if you make that decision. Many patients in rehab will choose to stay because they truly want to get better and they want to have that time away from their drug of choice.

Are there other types of drug rehab centers other than inpatient?

It is possible to go to a different kind of treatment center if you are not able to attend a full residential treatment program. In fact, there are a variety of different kinds of rehab centers. There are full day programs, partial day programs and other types of outpatient drug rehab. In some cases, these drug rehab centers are a part of a full mental health facility. Here in Florida, many rehab and detox programs are stand-alone. It is good to have so many choices when it comes to getting help for addiction. You and your family can make a decision based on the level of care you need and your ability to take time away from your activities of daily living.

What do I do if I have a problem with substance abuse?

If you are abusing more than one drug or if you have overdosed on drugs, a detox program, inpatient  or rehab program may be right for you. Additionally, if you have significant mental health issues, inpatient may be the way to go. Otherwise, you may want to consider an outpatient program. In the case of opioid use disorder or alcoholism, outpatient can be ideal for many people. In fact, outpatient medication assisted treatment (MAT) can work much better than traditional inpatient abstinence-based programs. This is especially true if you are trying to quit heroin or another opioid. There are other advantages to outpatient over full rehab facilities. In outpatient treatment programs, you are able to live at home, stay with your family and go to work as usual.

What kind of treatment center can I go to for outpatient?

Outpatient rehabilitation treatment for addiction means that you see your doctor monthly for a discussion and a prescription. In the beginning, you may need to come in more often, but usually, you can change to a monthly schedule pretty quickly if all goes well. Historically, treatment of substance abuse was a long, drawn out process, involving transition from detox to rehab to outpatient. Fortunately, with improved medical technology, long-term recovery is possible quickly and at a lower cost. With office-based MAT, you will be able to stay drug-free and free from your addiction.

The advantages of outpatient care for addiction treatment.

Working one-on-one with your doctor and going for regular therapy sessions, you will be able to function normally and with a clear head. Cravings for your drug of choice will go away. Continued treatment will help you to avoid relapse and work towards long-term recovery. Also, the success rate is very high for outpatient medication assisted therapy for opioid addiction. While the success rate for treating this disorder is not very high in most rehab centers, MAT has a very high success rate.

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