I am going to help you find the location of the office. The best way to get to the office is via Oakland Park Boulevard and drive east, towards the beach. You can take I-95 to get to Oakland Park Boulevard. The exit is south of Commercial Boulevard and North of Sunrise Boulevard. When you get to the large and busy intersection of Oakland Park Boulevard and North Federal Highway (US-1), you are almost there.

light cameras

Be careful at this intersection. There are red light cameras.

If you go through a red light, you may have a traffic ticket mailed to you. Continue straight, going east, from this intersection. Look out for Bayview Drive. You will see a CVS pharmacy at the Northeast corner of Oakland Park Boulevard and Bayview Drive. Continue past Bayview and you are now at the bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway. This bridge is a drawbridge. It is common for the bridge to be up or to go up as you approach it. Don’t worry, it usually doesn’t take long for the large boats to pass underneath. When the boats have passed under the bridge, the bridge will go down.

Stay in the right lane on the bridge.

The office location is to the left so you may think staying to the right does not make sense but it will as you get to the very top of the bridge. Turn at the very first right turn as you first come down the other side of the bridge. I do not mean at the intersection. The right turn is before the intersection. You will be turning right before passing Thasos restaurant. This road may not have a sign showing it’s name. I believe it is called Access Road. Or, possibly it is called East Oakland Park Boulevard Access Road. There is a sign on a decorative wall as you make the right turn that says, “Bridge Side Square”. As you bear to the right, curving with the road, you will see on the left side of the road an interesting little two story building with a sign on the side that says, “Post and Post Inc. “Real Estate Information Center. Open 7 Days A Week”.

You are going to follow this road around underneath the bridge you just drove over.

As you curve to the right to pass underneath the bridge, you will pass a boat rental and storage building named, “Marina Mar”. As you come out from underneath the bridge, you are still on the access road, bearing to the right. You will see Bokampers Sports Bar & Grill to your left. Be prepared to turn left immediately after Bokampers. This is Northeast 32nd Avenue that you are turning on.

At this point, be very aware of possible potholes in the road.

The potholes are frequently filled by the city, but new ones open up sometimes. Now that you are on Northeast 32nd Avenue, you are going to drive past the front of Bokampers and turn right on to Northeast 32nd Street. It gets confusing because of the coincidence of the Avenue and street numbers being very similar in this area. The reason I did not have you drive down to Northeast 33rd Street where the office is located is because of the one way nature of these small streets with diagonal parking. Now drive down Northeast 32nd street to the intersection of Northeast 33rd Avenue. You only have two more turns to get to the location!

Be careful here.

A lot of cars use this street as a short cut and speed through here.  Look left and right and be very careful.  Now you are going to turn to the left.  When you get to Northeast 33rd Street, turn left again.  You are in front of the office location. 

The office address is 3290 Northeast 33rd street.

Currently, the businesses next to the office are Alena’s Spa, a small bar and a music studio. When you park, be aware that the parking must be paid for by visiting one of the nearby machines. There is one on the sidewalk near the front of the office and another one out in the parking area. Follow the instructions on the machine. I believe that they want you to put the printed receipt on the dashboard of your car. Parking enforcement officers visit the area frequently and often give out tickets.