Congress approved the Drug Addiction Treatment Act in 2000. Suboxone treatment was approved in 2002 for the purpose of saving the lives of people who have fallen into the nightmare of opioid addiction.

There are many ways in which a person can enter the terrifying world of addiction to opioids. There are gateway drugs. There is childhood peer pressure to drink alcohol and use marijuana. Addicts follow a path of moving from one drug to another, typically progressing to more dangerous drugs. An addict starts as a casual drug user, then progresses to a drug abuser and then an addict.

Opioids include the street drug heroin and prescription pain medications. Heroin may be reached by the path of starting with a gateway drug such as alcohol or marijuana and eventually being introduced to heroin.

Pain due to accidents such as car accidents can lead to patients going to pain clinics. Pain clinic doctors often prescribe opioid medications to manage pain. While these medications can help, some patients may become addicted.

Suboxone treatment involves the use of the specially approved medication, Suboxone, which prevents withdrawal symptoms and it prevents cravings.

Cravings are intrusive thoughts, feelings and plans that enter your mind unexpectedly throughout the day. Cravings are a feeling that you need to take more drugs to survive. Something may trigger a craving and it can persist for a while. You may find yourself obsessing on it. You feel that unless you give in and take more drugs, you will not be able to get rid of the craving.

If you are finding it impossible to quit taking opioids such as heroin or pain medication and you can see that your drug use is destroying your life, you can call Dr. Leeds and make an appointment to discuss Suboxone treatment and how it can help to prevent withdrawal sickness and cravings. It can help you get back to normal life without the need to keep chasing drugs every day, all day. Call Dr. Leeds in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County today.

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