Executive Medicine

You may have heard of executive medicine. Executive health care means that you are treated by your doctor as a top corporate executive of a large company would expect to be treated. In other words, it is top-notch, exclusive treatment.

The Executive Experience.

Some of the things you might expect are a quiet doctor’s office. You do not want to wait for very long and you do not want to sit in a crowded waiting room. Executive care means that you spend most of your visit with a doctor. This means less time dealing with office staff and also not being handed off to a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner. Your time is valuable. If you go to see a doctor, you should be able to use your time to sit with and talk to the doctor.

You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

You should expect to be treated in a caring and compassionate manner when it comes to discussing your health issues. There should never be a time where you are rushed, ignored or treated with contempt. Your doctor may have recommendations to make regarding lifestyle choices, but you should not feel like you are being judged.

Communication with your doctor should be easy.

What if you have another question after your medical visit? You forgot to bring something up. Or, maybe you did some research that you want to discuss further with the doctor. It should be easy to get in touch. Complicated answering services, machines, office staff are ways that regular clinics insulate the doctors from their patients. Executive medicine removes these obstacles. When you call or message the doctor, you should never be more than a few minutes away from having direct communication with the doctor.

The secret about executive medicine.

You may have heard executive health care called by other names. Concierge, VIP, private health care, to name a few. You probably think that executive medicine is only for the super rich. This is simply not true. The fact is that a visit with an executive medicine doctor costs only a little more than a traditional clinic visit.

Skip the line.

So, you can skip the lines and the wait at the big clinic. Why sit all day in that crowded waiting room full of sick people? You don’t have to deal with busy office staff. You can afford executive medical care and you deserve it.

Who can benefit from executive medicine?

Doctors, lawyers, business people, business owners, entrepreneurs, and, of course, corporate executives will find executive medical care to be what they are looking for. Yet, executive medicine is not limited to these busy professionals. Anyone who is looking for a better experience in visiting their doctor will enjoy the executive care experience.

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Our executive medicine program includes addiction treatment, substance use disorder treatment, including opioid dependence treatment with Suboxone, Subutex, buprenorphine or ZubSolv. It also includes alcohol and other substance use disorders. In addition, it also includes weight loss programs and general medical care, including well and sick visits.