Dr. Leeds is a great doctor. He knows exactly how to diagnose my problem…
After receiving aggressive chemotherapy to treat breast cancer, I had nerve damage to my feet, legs, and hands. I spent three years going for tests and rehabilitation and none of them helped. I had severe discomfort and could not function to do even the most basic task. Then I was treated by Doctor Mark Leeds. Under his care I was treated with therapy and medication and I can now take care of my basic necessities. Thank You Doctor Mark!
Great Doctor! Has been my doctor for over 12 years now. A real doctor you can take your whole Family to.
I highly recommend Dr. Leeds, an Osteopathic Family Practitioner. He is intelligent, thoughtful and caring. He is a good doctor.
I had the Great Fortune, of having this Gentleman, as a Doctor, and I was Extremely Impressed on his thoughtfulness, and caring for me. “He has since, Relocated, and I am more than willing to follow him. I Admire him, and I want to switch my Family Practitioner, (of over 30 years), to Dr. Mark Leeds, if he is accepting new Patients. I Strongly Recommend him, to anyone, seeking a Real, Down to Earth professional.
I have been with Dr. Leeds for many years. He is a fantastic doctor, that truly cares. One occasion when I had a semi-emergency Doctor Leeds actually followed up on my cell phone after the end of the day to make sure my issues had been addressed. In Florida were you really have to be careful about choosing your doctor, Doctor Leeds exceeds my expectations.
Dr. Mark Leeds is a very intelligent, kind & caring individual. Most important to me is the fact HE LISTENS to his patients. Never has he made feel rushed & has always given me ample time to discuss my problems. Unlike most Doctor’s, Dr. Leeds is very easy & comfortable to talk to. Usually I am afraid to speak up because most other Dr.’s give you 2 minutes tops & finish talking as they walk out the door without giving the patient a chance to respond or ask a questions.

The Power Of Testimonials

A testimonial is a positive statement of confidence by one person about another person or an institution.

Testimonials are useful for businesses because they allow the business to share with new customers the positive opinions of current customers and specific details of why they are satisfied with the service or product. While testimonials provide new customers with confidence and information, it can be a sensitive subject for very small businesses. Small business owners who are humble about the high quality of their work may hesitate to ask satisfied customers for their testimonial statements. While it can be hard to ask customers for these statements of support, small business owners should still ask for them. Testimonials provide important information for new customers and may help to match these customers up with a perfect solution to solve an important problem.

In the case of doctors and patients, there is an additional challenge to obtaining testimonials.

Patients have a right to privacy. Often, the reason a patient goes to a doctor is for a confidential matter. The patient most likely does not want to share with the public their identity. They do not want it known that they visit a particular doctor. While they may be very happy with the care they receive, they want it kept private. In the case of doctors who provide treatment of conditions such as opioid dependence and addiction and alcoholism, privacy is of the utmost importance.

Still, it is possible for patients to provide anonymous testimonials.

There is no need to put your name on your statement. No one needs to know who wrote the testimonial. So, if you are interested in helping other patients find the medical care that they need, consider offering a testimonial statement to your doctor. Be sure to make it clear that you do not want your name associated with it. You want to remain anonymous. Make it clear with the doctor if you are or are not giving permission for the statement to be posted online on their website. Even if your name is not revealed, be careful not to reveal details that may give hints of your identity. Be sure to include some specific details about why you are happy with the service and care that you receive from your doctor so it may be most helpful to new, prospective patients reading your statement.

I, Mark Leeds, D.O., Osteopathic Physician, greatly appreciate all of the testimonials that have been provided by my patients to be shared on this website. I am honored and grateful to these patients to have shared their statements of confidence in my abilities with me and allowed for me to share them publicly.