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Where is the best place to go for the best alcohol rehab Oakland Park has to offer, or the top Oakland Park opioid treatment program? If you are searching for a drug rehab, Oakland Park has many, but only one concierge addiction doctor provides the best possible addiction treatment in Oakland Park, Fl.

Getting the Help You Need in Oakland Park

How can you find the best Oakland Park addiction rehabilitation center? Do you want addiction treatment or drug dependence treatment without having to visit a local pain clinic?

Fortunately, Oakland Park residents can avoid the pain clinic, and still get the best possible opioid dependence treatment. Medication assisted treatment with Suboxone therapy is a phone call away. Whether you prefer to see Dr. Leeds in person, in his nearby Fort Lauderdale office, or visit via telemedicine, from the comfort of your home, Dr. Leeds has you covered.

Are you trying to overcome a benzodiazepine dependence? Dr. Leeds is able to use the principles of the Ashton Manual to help you to do a gradual taper.

Are you a gray area drinker, going on occasional binges. Or, are you concerned about daily excessive drinking. Learn about The Sinclair Method, and how naltrexone can help you to gradually taper off of an alcohol dependence.

If you are currently residing in the city of Oakland Park, and you would like to find the ultimate quality private medical treatment program, that also integrates coaching and counseling, please contact our medical practice today. We can help, providing optimal care and new ideas for improving brain health and peak performance.

Living in Oakland Park, Florida

Oakland Park is a very developed, industrial area, with many car repair shops and various workshops. There is not a lot of natural areas, though there are some parks in the city of Oakland Park.

In addition to the many businesses, there are also large stretches of residential neighborhoods in Oakland Park. While Oakland Park is not on the beach, and it does not have a lot of attractions to visit, it is centrally located, within only a few miles of both the beach and many interesting attractions in the Fort Lauderdale area.

In fact, Oakland Park, while it is a separate city, it is considered by many to be a part of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Area. Residents who live in Oakland Park are just a short car ride away from the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale.

One of Oakland Park’s claims to fame is the fact that the famous jazz bass player, Jaco Pastorius, lived in Oakland Park. I do not believe that he was born there, but he did grow up and live there.

Jaco was known to be one of the greatest bassists to ever live. He died at an early age in a tragic bar fight. There is a small park in Oakland Park that is named after him, and there is a beautiful mural of Jaco, painted on the side of a building, adjacent to the park. 

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Dr. Leeds , follows a comprehensive and holistic treatment approach that focuses on you, the patient. Our long-term scientifically based, medically proven treatments are designed to help you, or a loved one, to beat addiction.


ABOUT Mark Leeds, D.O.,

We are a well-established, successful medical practice serving patients in and around Miami and Miami-Dade County, as well as Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, and all of Palm Beach County. We also serve areas surrounding Stuart and Port Saint Lucie. If you’re located locally, we’re ideally placed to give you easy access to treatment when you need an urgent appointment.

Alcoholism – Symptoms, Signs, Withdrawal, Treatment & Alcohol Rehab in Oakland Park, Florida

Alcoholism runs in families, and Oakland Park has many residents whose families have lived in the area for multiple generations. There are several taverns and bars that serve the locals within the city limits.

While in the past, there were limited options for medically treating problem drinking, we now have ways to help people with medication assisted treatment. It is possible to give up alcohol, or for some people, to greatly reduce alcohol intake, with the help of medication and counseling.

The symptoms of quitting alcohol cold turkey can be severe. People who quit may run the risk of having seizures and other dangerous adverse reactions that can lead to permanent damage.

Alcohol detox should always be performed under medical supervision. Medications are administered to the patient to make withdrawal more tolerable, and safer.

Signs and symptoms to look for when a person is in withdrawal from alcohol may include nausea, headaches, shaking, sweating, anxiety, irritability, agitation, insomnia, and seizures. Alcohol withdrawal can be a terrifying experience.

Fortunately patients seeking help with an alcohol problem in the city of Oakland Park, Florida have choices. A person who wants to stop drinking may go to a detox program, including VIP home detox, or they may choose to reduce their drinking gradually, with the help of medication that helps to block cravings, obsessions, and drinking compulsions.

Quitting benzodiazepines in Oakland Park, Florida

Oakland Park life can be stressful, with the daily routines, and 24/7 traffic. People who live in this area may experience anxiety and panic disorders.

While the solution may not be to move away to a quieter area, anxiety medication is not always a good idea either. Benzodiazepines are anxiety meds that are best used only for a short time.

Yet, some people are prescribed benzos long-term, even for many years. At some point, a person who has been prescribed benzo meds may decide to finally take a break and stop taking these pills.

Unfortunately, quitting benzodiazepines cold turkey is not easy, and it can be dangerous. Like alcohol withdrawal, benzodiazepine withdrawal may lead to seizures.

What is the best way to quit benzos and avoid benzo withdrawal, including the dreaded benzo belly syndrome? The best solution is to taper gradually.

Patients may be interested in following the guidelines of the Ashton Manual, which describes in detail how to taper slowly, using the Ashton Method. This landmark document was developed by renown benzo dependence expert, and British doctor, Dr. Heather Ashton.

If you are interested in getting off of the benzo hamster wheel, Dr. Ashton recommended Valium as a substitute for Xanax, and other benzodiazepines. Her method involved a gradual transfer to diazepam, and then a very gradual taper, with a goal of quitting benzos.

Services And Approach By Oakland Park Centre To Effectively Treat Drug Addiction

Abused Drugs

Substance abuse due to a substance use disorder is a medical condition that can be treated by an experienced doctor.

Stimulant Addiction

There are medical treatments that can be effective in reducing stimulant cravings, including crystal meth, cocaine, crack, and others.

Opioid Treatment

Opioid and opiate addiction are treatable conditions. Medication-assisted treatments have excellent outcomes. 

Benzodiazepine Treatment

Benzodiazepine dependence can be treated with medical attention. For more information on benzo dependence treatment in Miami, please contact our office.

Concierge Addiction Treatment Services in Oakland Park, Florida

Oakland Park has many busy clinics, where patients can schedule an appointment, yet still wait for hours to go in and see a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner for basic care. The healthcare system can sometimes feel as if it has broken down completely.

Fortunately, there are still quality healthcare options for the residents of Oakland Park who prioritize their healthcare and their time. If you hate waiting in line for rushed service, with a provider who barely listens to you, because they have their eye on the door, trying to get out of your room and on to the next patient, you may want to consider concierge medical care.

There are many excellent concierge medical services, such as MDVIP and Concierge MD. For concierge addiction treatment services, think of Dr. Mark Leeds. Dr. Leeds is an osteopathic physician with experience in treating many different types of addiction, using advanced medical therapies.

In addition to having a doctor who takes the time to listen to you and is available to you at all hours of the day and night, you will also have the option to meet with your doctor over telemedicine services, which is as simple as a direct FaceTime call with your doctor.

Telehealth, availability, compassion, caring, empathy, expertise, are all important components of concierge addiction treatment services. It is truly like having a doctor in the family who is allowed to treat your addiction, but even better. Dr. Leeds goes beyond being like a member of your own family, by providing expert addiction treatment with kindness, and no judgement.

Subutex Addiction Clinics – For Opiate Addiction Treatment in Oakland Park, Florida

Are there Subutex Addiction Clinics in Oakland Park? There are likely not too many Subutex doctors or clinics within the city boundaries.

Part of the problem was that before 2011, there were many pain management clinics in the City of Oakland Park, doling out large amounts of opioid pills to their patients. The city finally cracked down hard on what they referred to as “pill mills.”

Even the most legitimate doctors who happened to have a pain clinic registration for their office were forced to shut down, at least temporarily. While I have no direct knowledge of this, I would suspect that they may treat addiction treatment clinics that prescribe Subutex in the same way.

Whether this is true or not, fortunately, Oakland Park is a small city, with Fort Lauderdale easily accessible to all residents. If you cannot find a Subutex addiction clinic nearby in Oakland Park, you should have no problem finding one nearby, in a neighboring city.

Even better, consider seeing a concierge addiction doctor for private, compassionate care. Call Dr. Leeds for more information on concierge addiction care.

Suboxone (Buprenorphine and Naloxone) – Side Effects, Symptoms & Treatment in Oakland Park, Florida

Suboxone and Subutex are both brand names for sublingual buprenorphine. Buprenorphine is available as a small strip or tablet that is made to dissolve under the tongue.

Suboxone is the newer of the two brands, and has become a household name, associated with all buprenorphine addiction treatment in general. Doctors who provide opioid addiction treatment with buprenorphine are often simply known as Suboxone doctors.

Does Suboxone have side effects? Some people complain that the naloxone added to Suboxone causes headaches, though most people have no issue with the naloxone component.

Other side effects that can occur include buprenorphine headaches, ankle swelling, insomnia, difficulty urinating, constipation, and excessive sweating. Side effects from Suboxone often go away with time, or an adjustment in dosage.

If you are experiencing Suboxone side effects, let your prescriber know immediately.

Please contact us today if you are interested in getting started with treatment for quitting drug use or reducing alcohol use. If you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one, we are here for you.

In-House Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Oakland Park, Florida

I am not aware of an in-house drug and alcohol rehab in Oakland Park, but there may be facilities within the city limits. Fortunately there are reputable in-house drug and alcohol rehab facilities throughout the South Florida area and beyond.

For residents of the Oakland Park area who are looking for treatment for drug addiction or alcohol use disorder, consider calling Dr. Leeds for in-office treatment, or telemedicine services.

Dr. Leeds has a Fort Lauderdale office that is very close to Oakland Park. His office is about a ten minute drive from nearly anywhere in Oakland Park.

People have reported that the drive from Dr. Leeds office to the Garden Drugs Pharmacy in Oakland Park, at the corner of Andrews Avenue and Prospect Road takes about ten minutes. Considering the traffic in the area, this is a fairly short drive time.

Low Dose Naltrexone: Uses, Side-effects & Treatment in Oakland Park, Florida

If you are interested in Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) therapy, you are going to need both a doctor to treat you and prescribe the medication, and also a compounding pharmacy. Why a compound pharmacy?

Naltrexone is only available in regular pharmacies as a 50mg tablet. In order to get the dosage required for LDN, patients will need a way to take anywhere from 0.5mg to 6mg. The way to make this possible is to have a compound pharmacy create customized capsules with just the right amount of medication in each capsule.

LDN is used to treat chronic pain syndromes associated with autoimmune disorders. It is also believed to be helpful in a variety of other conditions.

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Methadone – Purpose, Uses, Side Effects, and Risks & Treatment in Oakland Park, Florida

I am not certain if there is a methadone clinic in Oakland Park, but there are methadone facilities nearby that Oakland Park residents are able to commute to on a daily basis.

Methadone is an effective treatment for opioid addiction that has been available since the 1960s. It is a proven therapy that has stood the test of time.

In recent decades, buprenorphine, usually in the form of Suboxone films, has become the new gold standard of medication assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. Still, methadone has its place as a treatment standard, particularly for patients who are unable to find success with buprenorphine.

Opioid and Opiate Withdrawal: Symptoms and Treatments in Oakland Park, Florida

Opioid and opiate withdrawal is quite unpleasant. Residents of Oakland Park who are experiencing opioid withdrawal due to quitting pain meds or quitting street opioids, such as heroin or fentanyl, should seek medical treatment for the withdrawal symptoms.

Opioid withdrawal vs Opiate withdrawal: which is worse? Generally the withdrawal symptoms from either are the same, whether it is oxycodone withdrawal, morphine withdrawal, or heroin withdrawal.

In the case of fentanyl withdrawal compared to heroin withdrawal, fentanyl can prove to be more challenging, because the designer fentanyl analogs from China are very long-lasting and difficult to purge from a fentanyl user’s system.

Oxycodone Withdrawal and Detox in Oakland Park, Florida

How are Oakland Park pain management patients handling oxycodone withdrawal and detox? When there were many pain clinics in Oakland Park, pain patients had easy access to prescription treatment medications, such as oxycodone.

When the pain clinics were shut down, many patients who were prescribed oxycodone discovered that when they stop their medication cold turkey, or taper too quickly, they experienced oxycodone withdrawal and detox. How do people who want to quit oxycodone avoid the oxycodone withdrawal syndrome?

There are medications to make oxycodone withdrawal more tolerable. Suboxone therapy is also a good treatment option for oxycodone dependence.

Fortunately, it is fairly easy to transition from oxycodone to Suboxone. Patients simply wait about 18-24 hours from the last use of oxycodone to the first dose of Suboxone, in order to avoid precipitated withdrawal.

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VIP Drug Rehabilitation & Treatment Centers in Oakland Park, Florida

If you are looking for VIP drug rehabilitation and treatment centers in Oakland Park, you are in luck. Fortunately, the best VIP drug rehabilitation services are being provided by addiction treatment doctors who provide telemedicine services.

While you could go into the doctor’s office, if you have the option to stay home and see the doctor on a video call, wouldn’t that be much more convenient? In addition to Drug rehabilitation and treatment programs providing the best in evidence-based addiction treatment, you will also get to see a real doctor who cares about what you have to say.

Beware drug rehabilitation programs that advertise VIP services, yet provide only the minimal basics of rehab treatment. Many VIP drug rehabilitation programs are not experienced in providing VIP treatment. The key is to respect each patient as a valuable human being and to listen carefully to what they have to say.

Mindfulness Meditation for Addiction Recovery in Oakland Park, Florida

When thinking about mindful meditation for addiction recover, Oakland Park is not the first place to come to mind. However, it is possible to be mindful and to meditate in your Oakland Park home, or in the park.

Mindful meditation is an excellent way to refresh your mind and prepare yourself to face reality and the real world. If you feel rushed or stressed by everyday life, consider taking a short break to quiet your mind, become aware, and meditate.

Meditation is an important part of addiction treatment, and should be recommended to all patients. Learning to be mindful helps people to stay on the path of recovery. Mindfulness helps you to appreciate and enjoy the world around you and to help you to avoid things that will be harmful to you and to your recovery.

Frequently Asked Question About Rehabilation

Rehab is sometimes the best solution to help remove a person with an addiction from a dangerous environment. Addiction involves self-harm, and if there is no better way to prevent dangerous self-harm, rehab may be the answer. However, in many cases, outpatient medical treatment is superior to residential rehab.

Studies that have looked at the effectiveness of rehab vary in their final assessments of the success rate of rehab.Throughout these various studies, we see that the success rate is not high. A substance addiction is a challenging condition to overcome. Concierge medical services are often a better choice.

Suboxone is a brand-name medication that contains two active ingredients. Buprenorphine is the most important ingredient, because it is a powerful medication that helps people to recover from opioid addiction. The other ingredient, and the main difference between Suboxone and Subutex, is naloxone, which is included as an abuse deterrent.

Benzodiazepines are tranquilizer drugs used to treat anxiety. When a doctor prescribes a benzodiazepine, they should be prepared to make arrangements to help the patient taper off of the drug gradually. Quitting a benzo cold turkey can be dangerous, and can lead to long-term neurological issues for many people.