How To Overcome Food Addiction

How To Overcome Food Addiction

Overcoming Food Addiction

While not all overweight people are definitely addicted to food, it is an underlying cause of obesity for many.  I have written many articles here about addiction to drugs.  Drug addiction is a serious problem because it can kill at any moment.  It must be stopped immediately in order to save lives.  Food addiction, on the other hand, is more insidious.  It is easy to put off changing eating habits for “just one more day”.

How do you know if you have an issue with food addiction?

Food addiction is usually connected to refined carbohydrates.  Foods that are sweet or starchy are the problem.  Fatty foods can also be an issue, but the drug of choice for the food addict is usually a form of sugar or carbohydrate.  If you find yourself hiding food or sneaking food, you may be addicted.  Do you eat secretly so your loved ones do not know you are eating?  Do you secretly throw away the food packaging so they don’t know you were eating?  Do you eat for reasons other than hunger? Do you eat because you are anxious, stressed, depressed?  Do you just eat for no reason at all?

What can you do about food addiction?

There are ways to deal with food addiction just like there are solutions to treating drug and alcohol addiction.  There are special food plans and programs.  There are medications than can help.  While these medical tools can get you back on track, the long term solution is to change habits.  Also, you must always remember that addiction can be treated, but it does not go away.  Even if you lose the weight, you must always be vigilant and avoid the trigger foods that bring you back to the addictive state.

Is a food plan and diet pills all I need?

No.  While these tools work effectively, you also need accountability.  Your doctor can keep track of your progress and make sure that you know it is important to stay on program.  Keeping regular appointments for weigh-ins and discussion of your progress are important.

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