Free and Cheap Medication For Opiate and Opioid Dependence Treatment

The purpose of this page is to provide some useful information regarding patient assistance programs for medications used to treat addiction to opioids. If you have additional helpful information, please contact us here so that we may update the information provided.

Suboxone Films Patient Assistance Programs

Suboxone Films are manufactured by Indivior. If you are using insurance or paying cash, the discount card provided by the manufacturer can help. You will find a link on the Suboxone website here. If you are uninsured and have a low income, you may qualify for Here To Help. This program provides a card which pays for your medication at the pharmacy for up to one year. Each doctor may have up to three patients on the Here To Help program which provides free Suboxone. To get an application, call 888-898-4818. This number was found here. Applying for this program does not cost anything. The Suboxone patient assistance program is a one year, once in a lifetime program. If you have completed the year and you still need help paying for the medication, you can apply again and ask your doctor to write an appeal letter. Appeals are passed along to the manufacturer and are not likely to be successful, in general. However, if you did not use time during your first year, your doctor can write an appeal letter asking for you to get an extension equal to the unused time. This has a better chance of being approved.

ZubSolv Tablets Patient Assistance Programs

ZubSolv has the same ingredients as Suboxone. The manufacturer claims that the tablets dissolve faster and have less aftertaste compared to their competitors. ZubSolv also has a discount card for insurance and self-pay patients. You can find it on the ZubSolv website here. In addition to the discount card, the website also has a trial voucher that can be used to obtain up to 30 free tablets of any strength of the medication for free at a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription. There is also a patient assistance program which can provide you with up to six months of free medication if you are uninsured and you have a low income. There is an application for the program here. The phone number for the program listed on the application is 888-236-4167. This program allows each doctor to have one patient enrolled at a time. However, it is possible for a doctor to request an additional space by speaking with their local pharmaceutical rep from the ZubSolv manufacturer, Orexo. One difference with this program compared to the Suboxone program is that the medication is shipped to the patient’s home rather than being purchased with a payment card at a pharmacy.

Vivitrol Injection Patient Assistance Program

Vivitrol is an injection form of the medication, naltrexone. Naltrexone is an opioid blocker which can be used to treat opioid and opiate dependence and addiction as well as alcoholism. To contact the patient assistance program for Vivitrol, call 800-848-4876.

Finding Patient Assistance Programs for other medications is a website that has many resources for discounts and free medications and medical services. Another way to find programs is to search Google for the name of the medication you are looking for along with the words, “patient assistance program”.  A discount program which many patients have claimed saved them significantly on prescriptions is the GoodRx discount program. Also, consider checking Walmart’s $4 medication list for affordable monthly and three month supplies of common medications. Even if your prescription medication is not listed, there may be one on the list which can be substituted. Ask your doctor about the possibility of changing your medications to less expensive alternatives. Buprenorphine without naloxone, often referred to as Subutex, is available as a less expensive generic. While regulatory agencies and health insurance companies generally frown on the use of buprenorphine without the abuse deterrent naloxone, it is significantly cheaper than the branded products and even the generic buprenorphine/naloxone tablets.

Talk to your doctor

The information on this page is to give you direction in finding low cost or free alternatives to getting expensive medications. You should always discuss medications and medical treatment with your doctor.