Sound Therapy can help with many issues to make staying clean from drugs easier.

There are issues that can complicate the recovery process when you first get clean from drugs. You may have trouble sleeping. Or, you may feel down or anxious. Psychotherapy can help with these issues and is an essential part of addiction treatment. In addition to traditional therapy, sound therapy is easy to do and it works.

What are binaural beats?

Binaural beats are a component of sound that can help to get the brain in states of meditative relaxation. They can help you sleep, relax, meditate and they can help with anxiety and stress. Binaural therapy involves playing tones of slightly differing pitch together. Your brain interprets the difference between the frequencies and hears internally a frequency that corresponds to a particular brain wave frequency.

What is brain wave entrainment?

During Binaural Therapy, your brain will follow along with the binaural beat frequency. Many sound programs feature a gradually slowing binaural beat to help your brain match the frequency as it moves towards a target frequency.

What are alpha, theta and delta brain waves?

Binaural Therapy can help your brain reach states that will help you get through some of the difficult times as your brain recovers from the damage caused by drug addiction. Alpha waves are associated with meditative, calm states. Theta waves are associated with a dream-like, deep meditative state. Delta waves go along with a sleep state.

How does Sound Therapy with Binaural Beats work? How can you get started?

There is an excellent series of audio recordings that provide Binaural Therapy and other forms of Sound Therapy. It is produced by Sacred Acoustics. On The Rehab Podcast, there is an upcoming interview with the co-founder, Karen Newell. These recordings are an excellent introduction to Binaural Therapy. If you come in for a patient visit with Dr. Leeds, he will be happy to discuss the topic of Sound Therapy.

Try it now.

I have created a binaural beat program using a Mind Alive system. The binaural beat gradually slows down from a 10 hertz rate to a 4 hertz rate. It lasts for a little over 20 minutes. In order to get the best results, listen with high quality headphones or earbuds in a sitting or reclined position in your home with your eyes closed.

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