A Digital Drug? Altering Brain Waves With Binaural Beats – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Changing the state of your brain by listening.

Meditation is an excellent way to improve your life in many ways. Entering a meditative state can lead to deep relaxation and healing effects that can make you more relaxed and less anxious in your daily life. Meditation can also help you to focus, concentrate and think more clearly about the things that are important. When you meditate, your brain enters a state where brainwaves become synchronized to promote a sense of quiet and wellbeing as well as a better connection with the world around you. 

What is the best way to meditate?

There are many schools and philosophies of meditation. Some experts recommend following strict practices that require specific posture and breathing pattern. They may even recommend chanting a specific mantra. However, there is another way. If you would like to start out by not going to a class or a guru, binaural beats auditory recordings may be right for you. Another way to get the brain to go into a meditative state with a higher level of consciousness is to listen to specialized binaural beats sound tracks.

What are binaural beats?

Binaural beats are simply pulsing sounds where the pulsing effect is created by playing slightly different sound frequencies in the left ear and right ear. In order to get the best effect, you will need to wear headphones or earbuds. The binaural recording will include tones that play in each ear that are very close frequencies. These tones are often created with sine waves. The difference in the two frequencies will create the beat frequency. Your brain interprets the different frequencies as the binaural frequency, so the binaural effect is created within your brain as an auditory illusion.

Entraining brainwaves with auditory stimulation.

Binaural beats technology involves creating a binaural beat at a specific frequency and then gradually moving to a target frequency. For example, in a binaural beats meditation program, the frequency might start at 10-12 hz and then gradually move down to 4 hz over a period of 20-60 minutes. As the frequency gradually changes, the brainwaves become entrained. This means that different parts of the brain that generate waves of differing frequencies become somewhat synchronized, following the frequency of the binaural beats. 

Are binaural beats digital drugs?

There has been some concern that anything that can alter consciousness in any way is a kind of drug. While this may be true of chemical drugs, listening to pulsing sounds combined with meditation music in order to induce sleep, relaxation or meditation is not the same as taking a drug. Taking a tranquilizer for anxiety is taking a drug. Listening to meditation music and pulsing sounds is not. Yet, binaural beats can help you to enter various brainwave states with brain wave entrainment.

How can changing brainwave state help with healing?

Entrainment with beats therapy can help your brain to enter a variety of states. These include alpha waves, beta waves, theta waves, delta waves and even gamma waves. Delta waves, for example are associated with deep dreamless sleep. Theta waves can help you to enter a quiet, meditative and relaxed state where you may find yourself being more creative or even falling into a sleep filled with meaningful dreams. Other states, such as an alpha state or beta state, may be good for energy, focus, and can help in learning and studying. Sound therapy has many uses in the area of improving attention deficit, improving anxiety and insomnia.

Are there any negative effects from binaural beats therapy?

While there are few, if any adverse side effects from these sound programs, there are some precautions to take. First of all, it is recommended that the listener does not listen to brainwave entrainment recordings while driving or operating heavy machinery. Generally, any dangerous or critical task should not be performed while listening. Also, for some time after you finish listening, you may be in a relaxed or sleepy state, so you may want to avoid dangerous activities, such as driving, for some time after you finish listening to your audio track. Wait until your alertness has returned. So, sleepiness may be the most significant side effect from audio tracks intended to lead to a relaxed, meditative state or sleep state.

What if someone has a hearing loss in one ear or simply does not like to wear headphones?

Isochronic tones are an alternative to binaural beats. An isochronic beat is where an audible pulse is created that does not have to be interpreted by the brain with different frequencies playing in each ear. The brainwave entrainment frequency is simply played as a single monophonic track or played the same on each of the stereo tracks. This means that you can listen to the audio without the use of headphones at all. A listener with hearing in just one ear can benefit, as can any listener who wishes to play the sounds in the open air. This can work well with sleep inducing programs since many people do not like to fall asleep with earphones on.

What is the best frequency to listen to?

While it depends on the mental state that interests you, my personal favorite is a theta program, in the range of around 4 hz to 6.3 hz. I may start at around 10-12 hz and then my recording gradually reduces the hz over a period of 20-30 minutes. I have created custom programs using special equipment and I also enjoy professional meditation programs from Sacred Acoustics. Theta is associated with a meditative state where the subconscious can be active and creative, feeding ideas directly to the conscious mind. Entrainment to theta does not take long with binaural beats played at these frequencies. Anxiety is reduced and a state of relaxation can be maintained for some time.  In my opinion, theta is best for binaural beats meditation. Specific programs are a matter of personal preference. 

How was this form of brainwave stimulation discovered?

The scientist who discovered this binaural effect was Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. In the mid 19th century, Dove discovered that listening to different frequencies in the left and right ear would cause the brain perceive the interference beats of the frequencies. The field of binaural beats therapy and brainwave entrainment has developed out of Dove’s discovery.

Sound Therapy can help with many issues to make staying clean from drugs easier.

There are issues that can complicate the recovery process when you first get clean from drugs. You may have trouble sleeping. Or, you may feel down or anxious. Psychotherapy can help with these issues and is an essential part of addiction treatment. In addition to traditional therapy, sound therapy can be a great help in making your journey on the path to recovery a little smoother.

With the proper tones, your brain creates the beat.

Binaural beats are a component of sound that can help to get the brain in states of meditative relaxation. They can help you sleep, relax, meditate and they can help with anxiety and stress. Binaural therapy involves playing tones of slightly differing pitch together. Your brain interprets the difference between the frequencies and hears internally a frequency that corresponds to a particular brain wave frequency.

Brain wave entrainment can help you get through difficult times.

During Binaural Therapy, your brain will follow along with the binaural beat frequency. Many sound programs feature a gradually slowing binaural beat to help your brain match the frequency as it moves towards a target frequency. With brain wave entrainment, your mind becomes calm and you are able to more easily enter a meditative and calm state.

The benefits of alpha, theta and delta brain waves in addiction recovery.

Binaural Therapy can help your brain reach states that will help you get through some of the difficult times as your brain recovers from the damage caused by drug addiction. Alpha waves are associated with meditative, calm states. Theta waves are associated with a dream-like, deep meditative state. Delta waves go along with a sleep state.

How does Sound Therapy with Binaural Beats work? How can you get started?

I recommend that you try out the excellent sound programs produced by Sacred Acoustics. They have a wide variety of binaural beats programs with beautiful sounds and music. They also provide guided meditations on select tracks. These recordings are an excellent introduction to Binaural Therapy. If you come in for a patient visit with Dr. Leeds, he will be happy to discuss further the topic of Sound Therapy.

Try it now.

I have created a binaural beat program using specialized equipment. The binaural beat gradually slows down from a 10 hertz rate to a 4 hertz rate. It lasts for a little over 20 minutes. In order to get the best results, listen with high quality headphones or earbuds in a sitting or reclined position in your home with your eyes closed. This is a very bare-bones, basic example of binaural beats. If you listen to either ear alone, you will hear that the headphone on that side produces a steady, pure tone. When you place the headphones over both ears, you will hear the binaural beat which is perceived within your brain. For further exploration of these therapeutic sounds, I recommend visiting sacredacoustics.com.