Blogging Doctors

Blogging Doctors

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Blogging doctors: Blogging is a great way for doctors to communicate to patients and prospective patients.

Blogging doctors let patients know what kind of doctor they are. It is great when a doctor and patient work well together. Doctors all follow a basic standard of care based on their training. Beyond the basics, doctors practice medicine with different styles. Doctors also have different personalities. How are patients able to get to know a doctor? How can they find out if they are a good match? Some doctors are very strict with their patients. Some prefer to work in large, busy clinics. Others prefer to spend most of their time in the hospital. There are doctors who like to joke around and there are doctors who are always serious. Some doctors like to keep to themselves and some doctors enjoy activities such as blogging.

Therefore, it is important to get to know a doctor.

It is possible that you are looking for a doctor who focuses on a particular area of medicine. You may be looking for a doctor who understands and has experience with a certain condition. So, a blog is an ideal way to get to know a doctor.

Mark Leeds, D.O. is an osteopathic physician with a focus on the treatment of addiction to opioids and alcoholism

How can you learn more about Dr. Leeds’ thoughts about the topic of opioid dependence and addiction? How does Dr. Leeds approach this area of medicine? You can read his blog! Fortunately, Dr. Leeds has been blogging on topics of interest relating to addiction treatment for some time now. Dr. Leeds is a blogging doctor. You can learn a lot about opioid dependence and solutions to quitting heroin or pain pills, by reading the blog. Dr. Leeds is a traditional doctor who works in many areas of medicine, but you will learn much about his approach to medication assisted treatment of addiction from his blog.

Dr. Leeds’ practice is a micro-practice, providing VIP treatment to all of his patients

You will also find from Dr. Leeds’ blogging that he runs a very small and personal medical practice. There are no crowds or lines. There is no army of office staff to keep patients away from the doctor. For patients who appreciate a more personal and direct approach that focuses more on the patient, Dr. Leeds may be a perfect fit.

Look for doctors who write blogs

When a doctor writes regular blog articles, you get to know that doctor. You can make an informed decision and save yourself a lot of time. So, you don’t have to go around trying out different doctors. You will already know that you are in the right place.

Here are some examples of other doctors who are blogging to help you find your own blogging doctors.

I recommend visiting these websites and reading the blogs to see how doctors reach out to let prospective patients know more about them.

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More blogging doctors to be added soon!