Can I get Probuphine from a Suboxone doctor?

Can I get Probuphine from a Suboxone doctor?

Can I get Probuphine from a Suboxone doctor?

What is the difference between Probuphine and Suboxone?

Can you get Probuphine from a Suboxone doctor in Fort Lauderdale? Both Probuphine and Suboxone are medications that consist primarily of buprenorphine.  Buprenorphine is a medication that helps opioid addicts get clean.  The difference is that Suboxone is a small film that you place under your tongue to dissolve every day.  Probuphine is a special implant that is placed under the skin by a doctor and left for 6 months.  It provides continuous treatment for six months.

Who should consider Probuphine?

The requirements of starting Probuphine include you being on a stable dose of no more than 8mg of buprenorphine each day.  This could be in the form of Suboxone or a similar medication.  Also, you should be in individual and group therapy.

Is there any risk to getting Probuphine put under my skin?

Placing this implant under the skin is a minor office surgery.  You will be awake while it is done.  It is also very easy and quick.  As in any surgery, there are risks.  There could be an infection.  The Probuphine implant rods could move and cause problems.  There are other possible problems which you should discuss with your doctor first.

Why not just keep taking Suboxone every day?

Suboxone placed under the tongue can sometimes absorb better or worse.  It works well, but it is not as precise a delivery method.  There is also a tendency for levels to rise and fall throughout the day depending on when you take Suboxone. Some addiction specialists also believe that the ritual of taking a daily medication may reinforce addictive behaviors.

Probuphine does not have these issues?

With the probuphine implant, you get it and forget it. You can live your life and not think about taking a daily medication to treat your addiction. The medicine in the implant releases in a precise and steady manner so you don’t get the ups and downs throughout the day. The feelings surrounding the ritual of taking Suboxone every day and placing it under your tongue to absorb will not be there anymore.

If I am interested in Probuphine and I live in Fort Lauderdale, how can I find out if it is right for me?

You can call Dr. Leeds at 954-776-6226 and schedule an appointment. Dr. Leeds will discuss your particular situation and help you to make a decision. Some people will choose to continue with Suboxone.  And, others will decide that it is time to try something new that may work better for them.  Yes you can get Probuphine from a Suboxone doctor in Fort Lauderdale.