When Will The Generic Suboxone Strips Be Available?

While pharmacies have been carrying generic Suboxone tablets for some time, patients want to know about a generic film or strip. Most patients prefer the film over tablets. The fact is that the film dissolves faster. Continue reading “Generic Suboxone Film: When Will It Finally Be Approved?”

Suboxone Abuse Is Real

it’s easy to attack a medical treatment as being dangerous or ineffective. In fact, any sort of medical treatment that actually works and helps people will also have a downside. Hence, there are side effects, adverse reactions, allergies, and just plain treatment failures. Suboxone abuse is also a concern. Therefore, we must take care in prescribing Suboxone. Continue reading “Suboxone Abuse: Is it safe to use Suboxone to treat addiction?”

Are you paying too much for Suboxone?

While you cannot put a price on therapy that is saving your life, there is nothing wrong with saving money on your prescription. It is possible to save at least 75% on your monthly medication. In fact, you can start right away.  All you need to do is watch this video to learn about Suboxone savings. Continue reading “Suboxone Savings”