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Free Suboxone For A Year: How Does It Work?

Did you know that you can get free suboxone for a year?

While I have written about this topic in the past, it is worth revisiting. The cost of Suboxone is high. So, how is it possible to get free suboxone for a year?

The truth about addiction.

After months and years of active addiction to heroin or pills, you want to just put it aside. Unfortunately, the clueless people around you tell you use willpower. Without any understanding whatsoever, they tell you to just suffer through a few days of sickness and you will be clean at the other end. When it comes to opioid addiction, it is very rarely that easy.

The high cost of treatment.

After you leave the opioid addiction treatment doctor, you go to the pharmacy with a prescription. While filling your meds, you learn that Suboxone can cost as much as $600 per month. If you ask about discounts, you may save a few dollars, but you are still left paying hundreds of dollars monthly just for your medicine.

Insurance will help.

If you have health insurance, your medicine should be covered. The Parity Act of 2008 ensures that your health insurance must pay for addiction treatment. When it comes to some companies, it can be a fight, but remember that you have the law on your side. Don’t let your health insurance cheat you and put your life at risk by refusing to cover your treatment. Let them know that you are aware of your legal rights.

What about the uninsured?

While it would be ideal that we all have health coverage, the fact is that there are still many people who are uninsured. If you do not have health insurance and your income is low, there is still hope to afford Suboxone.

Assistance to the rescue.

Fortunately, the company that makes Suboxone provides a program to help patients get free Suboxone for a year. It is called the Here To Help program. You can find more information here. All you need to do is get an application with your information filled in at the top. Then, bring the paperwork to your doctor.

You are on your way to free Suboxone for a year.

After your doctor submits the complete application, it will be reviewed. If approved, you will get a card that pays for your prescription at the pharmacy. This program lasts for a year. So, when you get started on the program, you have a year to work on your recovery program with the help of Medication Assisted Treatment.

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  1. Barbara Johnson

    I was just told that the here to help program ended suddenly 2/28/19 so sorry is all I got

    1. DrLeeds

      The program definitely did not go away. I currently have one out of my three spaces filled. What may have happened is that they have moved this program under inSupport, which is also the copay assistance program for the Sublocade monthly buprenorphine injection. When I recently went to to look for Here To Help, it appeared that it is now under the inSupport name. I will contact the local inSupport rep to confirm this.

      1. DrLeeds


        I am not so sure now. I received a very unusual fax that was not on official letterhead. It claimed to be from the Here To Help team. It stated that the program has now ended, but current patients will continue to get support until their time left on the program is up. I have not been able to get in touch with anyone to confirm this yet. It is very possible that with the introduction of very affordable generic Suboxone Film alternatives that the program was deemed to be of no value to the company. After all, the purpose of assistance programs is that there is hope that the patients will be able to eventually afford the medication and will choose to stay with the brand they were receiving while on the assistance program. As far as I know, the ZubSolv patient assistance program still exists. And, they also still provide the free 30 ZubSolv tablet offer. I just checked their website to make sure that the 30 tablet ZubSolv vouchers still exist.

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