Is there a generic Suboxone for treating opiate addiction?

Is there a generic Suboxone for treating opiate addiction?

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The generics are here!

Ever since the FDA decided to approve generic versions of Suboxone, there have been more choices for patients and significant savings. Additionally, as generics become available, new brands are coming out to increase our treatment options. For example, we now have the monthly buprenorphine injection, Sublocade. Sublocade is made by Indivior. In fact, there are other new treatments awaiting FDA approval, including another long-acting injectable buprenorphine, Brixadi, made by Braeburn. Here are some frequently asked questions about this important tool used in medication-assisted treatment for opioid dependence.

I’m taking Suboxone, is there a generic form of it?

Yes, there is a generic form of Suboxone. According to various news stories, there was a legal battle between Indivior and Dr. Reddy, a generic drug maker. Indivior was trying to block the sale of a generic for the Suboxone film. Fortunately, Indivior lost the battle and the generic film is now widely available in pharmacies. Dr. Reddy is not the only generic brand. Mylan also makes a generic Suboxone strip.

When will Suboxone go generic. I’m sick of paying brand name price?

The generic Suboxone film became available just a few months ago as of writing this article. The generic Suboxone, or buprenorphine and naloxone, tablet has been on the market for much longer.

when will generic suboxone film be available?

The buprenorphine/naloxone strip came out only a few short months ago as of this writing. For many years, there was no generic available for the Suboxone SL Film.

when did generic suboxone become available?

While the generic Suboxone film is a new development, there have been buprenorphine/naloxone tablets available for some time now. In fact, there have been generic buprenorphine tablets for an even longer time.

how much does generic suboxone cost?

Currently, if you use a discount card, expect the price to be around $2 to $3 per film. While this may not seem cheap, compare it to the brand name price. Typically, the Suboxone 8mg film costs at least $10. This makes a huge difference in the effort to fight opioid dependence, or opioid use disorder.

How do i get a discount of generic suboxone? too expensive!?

You may be surprised to find out that generic buprenorphine/naloxone is more expensive than you thought it would be. Don’t worry. If you use a discount card, the savings will be substantial. One example is the GoodRx discount program.

How much cheaper is generic suboxone?

With a discount card, you should be able to find generic buprenorphine and naloxone tablets or films that are $8 – $10 less than the brand. In some cases, your savings will be even better for this medication.

How to take generic suboxone pill?

In order to take the generic tablet, you place it under your tongue. Then, keep your mouth closed and your tongue down over the medication. Do not talk, eat, drink, smoke or anything else that causes your mouth to open. Do not move the pill around in your mouth. Let it stay in one place. You should keep in mind that some of the generic pills can take quite a long time to dissolve. Ideally, you should try to pick a time and place where you can quietly relax, without disturbances.

What does generic suboxone strips look like?

While I have not done side-by-side comparisons, I have seen both the brand strip and the generic strip. They tend to look very similar. The shape is rectangular, with the length being twice the width. These strips are smaller than you might expect. Be careful not to let it fall when you open the individual foil package. The generic that I have seen most often is Mylan. The packaging is slightly different in appearance, but the sublingual film itself looks the same.

what pharmacies carry generic suboxone?

Fortunately, I am finding that more pharmacies than ever are carrying generic buprenorphine/naloxone in tablets and strips. Additionally, the pharmacists are generally getting to be more knowledgeable about the products and their use. Unfortunately, there are still some pharmacists and pharmacy staff who do not have a good understanding of opioid addiction and addiction in general. When this occurs, it can lead to patients having negative feelings about picking up their prescription. At worst, poor treatment of a patient could lead to relapse. It is of the utmost importance to treat our patients with caring, compassion and empathy. Addiction is a chronic condition with serious acute exacerbations. In many ways, it is very similar to other chronic diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease.

 What do generic suboxone pills look like?

One negative aspect of generic medications is that they are not standardized in appearance. Generic versions can vary in size, weight, color, shape, and texture. In the case of a sublingual tablet, they can even vary in how quickly and easily they dissolve under the tongue. If you are concerned that you have mixed up your medications and you don’t know which tablets are which, I recommend taking them to your pharmacist to help sort them out. Taking the wrong medication is dangerous. The best way to avoid this happening is to keep your medications in their original container with the pharmacy label.

Who carries generic suboxone?

Pharmacies carry it! If you have been prescribed Suboxone, then the next step is to go to a pharmacy to pick up your prescription. If the doctor has electronically prescribed your medicine, you will have to go to the pharmacy where it was transmitted. Otherwise, if you are given a secure paper prescription, you can go to the pharmacy of your choice. It is good to let your doctor know which pharmacy you will be using. Also, if you are not sure where to go the first time, you may want to ask your doctor or the office staff. They may have helpful tips about which pharmacies are more likely to have your medicine in stock. And, they may be able to steer you away from pharmacies that have had a reputation for mistreating patients who have opioid use disorder.

Will the Suboxone brand made by Indivior be going away?

This is unlikely. However, the market share of generics will increase and the brand market share will decrease. There will always be patients who demand to get brand name medications. And, in some instances, the doctor may have reasons to insist that brand is medically necessary. Therefore, the brand will most likely remain on the market. In the short time since the FDA approved a generic version of the Suboxone SL film, there has been a significant shift away from patients filling prescriptions for the brand name medicine.