Get The Suboxone Shot For $5 Per Month: Sublocade And InSupport Copay Assistance

Get The Suboxone Shot For $5 Per Month: Sublocade And InSupport Copay Assistance

How is it possible to get opioid addiction treatment medication for only $5 per month?

Sublocade is an injectable form of buprenorphine. The injection is given once each month. This new treatment became available in March of 2018. Finally, doctors are helping to get patients approved for the InSupport copay assistance program.

Why is it important to have insurance to get Sublocade?

Because Sublocade is a new technology, making it possible to avoid the inconvenience of daily medication, it is not cheap. Each monthly injection costs around $1500. Fortunately, insurance companies are required by law to cover addiction treatment just as they would cover any other medical treatment. This law is known as the Parity Law.

Why is the InSupport Copay Assistance Program so important?

While insurance companies must pay for Sublocade, they can require the patient to pay a large copay fee each month. InSupport is a program that helps to make the copay very affordable. In fact, it is often lowered to $5 for each monthly injection.

 What are the advantages of Sublocade over Suboxone?

Many people consider Sublocade to be an injectable form of Suboxone. Suboxone comes as a film that must be placed under the tongue and kept there to dissolve with each daily dose. To get Suboxone, a patient must wait in line at a pharmacy. Sometimes, pharmacies do not have Suboxone in stock. Pharmacy staff are sometimes discriminatory in their treatment of patients who are prescribed Suboxone. They do not understand the chronic condition known as opioid use disorder. Sublocade is delivered from a specialty pharmacy to the doctor office. It is all prearranged. The pharmacy line and pharmacy counter are a thing of the past. There is no need for daily dosing and waiting for medication to dissolve. There is no need to think about medical treatment at all except for the monthly visit to the doctor.

No more fear of police and thieves.

Suboxone is a controlled medication. It is technically an opioid. That means that there is risk of difficulties with police if you are pulled over. Police are dealing with issues of the current opioid epidemic. They are obligated to evaluate medication, the associated paperwork and they may have to do a “pill count”. Police policies and practices vary from city to city and county to county. A simple traffic stop can turn into a nightmare when medication is involved, even if it is legitimately prescribed medication.  Another consideration is theft. When you have medications, such as Suboxone, in your home, it is possible that visitors to your home will attempt to steal your medication. They may come across it in the medicine cabinet. You may be at risk for break-ins by people who know or suspect that you have controlled medications in your home. There is also the risk of accidental ingestion by a pet or a child. This lead to a heart-breaking disaster.

Sublocade solves these problems.

By getting your month of medication in the form of an injection that is administered by your doctor, there is no take-home medication to worry about. You do not have to suffer at the local pharmacy. And, you do not have to worry about any of the terrifying possibilities described above. While Sublocade will not be an ideal option for all patients, it is worth weighing the benefits versus the risks and considering it as an alternative to other treatments.