Home Detox Program: The Solution To Opioid Addiction

Home Detox Program: The Solution To Opioid Addiction

Recovering From Opiate Addiction In Your Own Home

A home detox program is simply a program that allows you to quit drugs and recover from addiction at home. While long-term inpatient programs can be excellent, not everyone is able to go away for weeks or months at a time. In fact, for opioid addiction, home detox is actually superior to residential programs in many respects.

How does a home detox program work?

In order to recover at home, you first need to see a qualified doctor. To learn more about one excellent form of home treatment and how to find such a doctor, visit SAMHSA’s website here. Buprenorphine is the main ingredient in Suboxone. It is one of several approved medications used to treat opioid addiction. In terms of home detox therapy, it happens to be the best for many people. This is because you can take the medication home. After seeing your doctor for a while, You can often take home a month’s supply of medication and just visit your doctor once a month.

Why is a home detox program better than inpatient?

Unfortunately, there is a problem with many inpatient programs in the United States. The issue is that they often don’t provide proven medical treatment. Suboxone treatment works. Evidence shows that it has a much higher success rate than non-medication treatment for opioid addiction. Yet, many residential treatments do not agree. Withholding Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) can lead to a much higher rate of relapse.

How it works.

If you are addicted to opioids, you first go to see your doctor. After a thorough medical visit, your doctor may prescribe Suboxone or a similar medication. The doctor will also send you to get psychotherapy. Therapy is an important part of treatment. For many patients, this simple treatment really works well. While getting treatment at home, you can continue with your life. You don’t always have to go away to get better.

To learn more about Suboxone treatment, ask your doctor for more information. If you or a loved one is trying to quit drugs, this could be a solution that will work.