How to find a group meeting for Subutex treatment

How to find a group meeting for Subutex treatment

How to find a group meeting for Subutex treatment

How to find a group meeting for Subutex treatment. If you are prescribed Subutex treatment, your doctor has instructed you to see a therapist and to go to group meetings.  This article is going to help residents of Fort Lauderdale find free group meetings that will meet this requirement and they will also help you to stay clean from opioids such as heroin and opioid medications.

If you do not know what Subutex is, it is a brand name for the medication, buprenorphine.  Other brand names for buprenorphine include Zubsolv and Suboxone.  Subutex treatment is used to help people who are addicted to opioids such as heroin and medications quit taking these drugs and stay clean.  Your thinking clears up, you feel healthier and you have less of those intrusive thoughts or cravings that lead you back to taking drugs.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is part of Broward County.  It is the city that most people around the world know in Broward.  Another large city in Broward is Hollywood.  Hollywood is at the southern end of Broward and has its own identity as a unique city and vacation destination.

Fortunately, there are many great group meetings in this area. 

These meetings are free.  You don’t need to bring money and you do not have to give up your personal info. These meetings are anonymous and free. You should be able to feel safe in a meeting. If you do not feel safe, try other meetings. You will meet people who are clean and living happy lives. You will make new friends who do not take drugs.

There are clubhouse type organizations which host various kinds of meetings such as AA and NA. 

Here is an example of one, the Fourth Dimension Club. Click on that link and it will take you to their website.

If you are looking for AA, you can find Fort Lauderdale meetings at this Alcoholics Anonymous website.  AA is great if you are maintaining on Subutex, Suboxone, Zubsolv or another brand of buprenorphine. Members tend not to judge patients on medication as not being clean or sober.  This may vary by group.

If you are interested in NA, you can find meetings at these two websites, Gold Coast and South Broward.  South Broward includes Hollywood and the surrounding communities.  Gold Coast includes Fort Lauderdale and its surrounding communities.  If you have a car, you will find that meetings in both areas are accessible.  It will not take long to drive to any of them.

Enjoy your meetings and get involved.

Look for people who are clean and sober for a long time and talk to them.  This is the start of a new life for you.  You don’t have to feel sick every day anymore. You don’t have to obsess about where you are going to find drugs.  So, this is how to find a group meeting for Subutex treatment in fort lauderdale.