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How To Get Suboxone For Free In Fort Lauderdale Florida

How to get suboxone for free in Broward County

Like an oasis in the desert, the residents of the Fort Lauderdale area are finally getting some relief from the opioid crisis. In South Florida, we have been hit particularly hard by this deadly epidemic. It is, in a sense, ground zero. Now, as we battle this new wave of heroin and fentanyl overdoses, there is finally some hope that the tide is turning. For people who need help but cannot afford private clinic Suboxone treatment, help is now available.

Hollywood to the rescue

Hollywood, Florida is a unique and beautiful city that lies between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. While Hollywood is a part of Broward County, the city hosts it’s own network of hospitals.  This network is the Memorial Healthcare Systems. Memorial now has a program in place known as The Memorial Medical Detoxification Program.

Opiate and Opioid addiction treatment: How to get suboxone for free

Fortunately, the memorial program receives funding from the state and federal government. Funding means that patients who cannot afford to pay do not have to pay for medication. Therapy and doctor visits are also covered.

Is this the first funded program in the United States?

No, programs that offer free and affordable treatment for opioid use disorder have existed in the US for some time now. You can find an article about how to get suboxone for free as well as full treatment by clicking or tapping here.

Pregnant woman can find affordable care in Hollywood as well.

Memorial Healthcare also hosts a program known as Mothers in Recovery for post-pregnancy addiction care. They also have programs to help women throughout pregnancy.

What is the best way to get started with care at Memorial?

Patients who go the the emergency department at one of the Memorial hospitals in Hollywood may be introduced to one of the programs for addiction treatment. Another way to get involved is to call this phone number: 954-883-7771. Pregnant women who are struggling with drug addiction may call this number: 954-276-3422.

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  1. Scheryl Reese

    Dr. Leeds, I grew up in Hollywood, Florida! Moved there in 1969…One of the original die-hard Hippies, Flower Power, Peace, Love, Dope & all that serendipity. We are so lucky to have the programs Memorial Healthcare is offering to the addict, Back in “The Day” I spent many months, 30 days at a time in the 2nd floor Physiciatric unit of Hollywood Memorial Hospital. Due to Overdosing on opioids & barbituates. I wasn’t trying to kill myself, I was just trying to get a little bit higher! Thanks to the life-saving drug Buprenorphine, I may just live to see another sunrise over Tug Boat Annies! Thank you for all of the wisdom & resources you share. Typically my addictive behavior has kicked in…I want to follow each & every link you have provided us, tonite!! Instant gratification, Hey? Peace, Sharky

    1. DrLeeds

      Thank you for your comment! I want to share with you a couple of other pages where there has been a lot of discussion in the comments where people have asked about free programs and other readers have provided useful information. I have also tried to help by searching for free programs for specific areas. Here are the links to those pages: (a post on my podcast website), and

      On the podcast website,, there is a map set up with links to a page for each of the fifty states. My goal is to list free programs by state. I have not gotten very far yet beyond setting up the pages. Many of the programs I have found are listed in the comments on those pages and some are in email responses. When I have time, I will get things more organized.

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