Journaling For Addiction Recovery And Making Money.

Journaling For Addiction Recovery And Making Money.

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Journaling about your recovery can benefit you in many ways, including to help you to stay drug-free.

Substance abuse and addiction are difficult issues to overcome. Even after going to treatment over and over again, you may find yourself back where you started, in active addiction, using a drug or drinking alcohol again. One powerful tool that can give you a lifetime of support in your recovery is writing in a journal. Keep reading to also learn about how you can earn a living by journaling.

Is keeping a journal just like a diary?

While a journal is essentially a diary, it is important that you do not allow negative word associations to prevent you from using this important tool that will help you find success in overcoming addiction and in life in general. Journaling is recommended by most experts in the field of addiction recovery and behavioral therapies, and it is a tool used by some of the most successful people in history. Journaling is a habit that will give you deep personal satisfaction and it is good for your health.

How do I get started in keeping a journal?

First, you need a pen and paper. You can choose if you want to use a composition notebook or looseleaf notebook. While it is possible to journal on a computer or electronic device, some people believe strongly that the best journaling is done with pen and paper. Each day that you get started, put the date at the top of a fresh new page. When you look back on your writing, you will want to know when you wrote certain things and you will want to be able to find what you wrote on a particular date.

What do I write about on my first blank page?

While there are no set rules about what you should write in your journal for recovery from substance abuse, there are a few recommendations. Journal writing as part of a personal addiction recovery program should include keeping a daily gratitude list. In fact, this is so important, that you may want to keep a separate gratitude journal. Gratitude journaling will take you a long way towards reducing addictive behavior, helping you to overcome addiction and stay in recovery. If you have been a patient in a treatment program or treatment facility, you may have been instructed to keep a gratitude list. On your list, you should include gratitude for being clean. This is a good place to start.

I am not good at writing. Do I have to keep a journal?

You do not have to be an expert in expressive writing. All you have to do is go to a quiet place with no interruptions, quiet your mind with a moment of meditation and just start writing. Keep up the daily habit of journaling. Write about anything in your daily journal. You do not ever have to show your journal to anyone else. While you can write about your alcohol abuse or drug abuse, it is good to get past this over time and write more about the positive aspects of recovery and how you are meeting new challenges each day. With a little journaling practice, your writing will improve over time.

I have been journaling for a while now. Can I make money journaling?

This is an excellent question! There is no doubt that your journaling will improve with daily practice. While writing with pen and paper is a good way to have a close connection with your writing, at some point, you will want to practice journaling on the computer as well. Consider using some writing tools to help you to improve your writing skills. Tools such as Yoast and Grammarly are excellent. You may also want to start learning how to use a blogging platform, such as WordPress.  Once you start journaling online, you must consider that if you publish your writing publicly, anyone will now be able to read it. This is why it is important to keep a personal journal, such as a bullet journal, gratitude journal or morning pages in addition to any online public journaling that you do. Writing in a blog can definitely help you to earn money. People will pay for your writing. Also, if you start a blog, as it gains popularity, you can sell advertising space on the pages of your website blog.

Why would anyone pay me to journal for them?

In your experience in addiction treatment, you may have been through many experiences that will help other people. Maybe you have suffered through relapse and come back to recovery again. Or, possibly you have experience in medication treatment for substance use disorder. Your expression of how you have dealt with addiction and recovery and the emotion involved will help other people to relate and connect to your writing. This is a valuable resource that is in demand. Writers in the field of addiction recovery are sought after by website managers of addiction and treatment-related websites.

Don’t ever stop journaling.

When are you finished with your journaling about your recovery? Keeping a journal should be a habit for life. Writing about drug addiction and alcoholism is part of the first step of recovery. You will find it to be a rewarding experience to continue journaling throughout the amazing journey of your ongoing recovery.