Leaving the Pain Clinic for Suboxone Treatment

Leaving the Pain Clinic for Suboxone Treatment

Leaving the pain clinic for Suboxone treatment

If you are thinking of leaving the pain clinic for Suboxone treatment in Fort Lauderdale, this article is for you.  When you first went to the pain clinic, you were in pain.  It was a lot of pain.  It’s hard to think clearly when you have moderate to severe acute or chronic pain.

You went to your primary doctor and learned that our healthcare system is not well equipped to handle pain. 

Your doctor prescribed obscure anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxers. They referred you to various specialists. These other doctors ordered tests.  They wanted to perform painful and dangerous procedures. For some patients, these procedures work.  Surgery or various injections can be very beneficial for some people in pain.  But these do not work for everyone.

When nothing else worked, you looked up pain management to see what kind of doctor knows how to manage pain.

That’s how you ended up at the pain clinic. You just wanted the pain to go away.  And, that’s how you ended up taking large amounts of opioid medications every day with pain clinic appointments every month.

The prescriptions are often for percocet, roxycodone or oxycodone (known to some by street names as oxys, roxys, percs), oxycontin, Dilaudid or hydromorphone, morphine and methadone.  These are legitimate prescription medications prescribed for pain. The pain clinic doctor warned you that you could become dependent or addicted.

Once you start taking these opioid medications for pain, it can be very hard to stop. 

Stopping can make you physically very sick.  After you stop, you may find that your brain has become dependent. You may get cravings. These are thoughts or feelings that come up throughout the day that you need more pain medication even when you are not in pain.

So, now you want to stop the pain pills. You don’t like the way they make you feel.

Your thinking is clouded and you are not reaching your full potential in life.  Also, you may have been made to feel like a criminal when you have done nothing wrong. Your pharmacist may treat you like a drug addict. Your pain clinic doctor may even treat you like an addict. You have to worry about being pulled over by the police and having an officer do a pill count. Diabetics don’t have to worry about cops checking their prescription bottles, but pain patients do. These medications are mostly in a class known as schedule two narcotics. They are tightly controlled by the federal government.

You may have tried to quit the pain pills already. 

Then the sickness started. It might have taken a day or two to start. The flu-like symptoms.  Chills, aches, upset stomach, diarrhea.  You couldn’t leave the house, let alone even think about going to work. So, the only answer was to start taking the pills again.  The problem is that you should not have to take pain pills to not feel sick.  They should only be for pain. Your doctor hopefully discussed a plan of gradually tapering off of the pain pills.  This can work for many people.  It does not work for everyone.

If you are one of the people who is stuck on pain pills and sees no way out, there is a way out. 

You can quit and stop feeling sick, slow and clouded.  You can have a chance at living your life, enjoying life and doing what you were meant to do. Accomplish the things you always dreamed of since you were a child.

There is medicine that can help you quit the pain pills. 

You don’t have to go to the rehab clinic every day to get it either.  Once you are stabilized, you only have to see a regular family doctor with special training for a single monthly appointment. It is easy. You can move on and feel better and relax.  You can stop thinking about your pain pills all day.  If you are interested in learning more about leaving the pain clinic for Suboxone treatment in Fort Lauderdale, call Mark Leeds, D.O. today.  Call 954-776-6226.