MAT Near Me: Getting Help For Opioid Addiction Close To Home

MAT Near Me: Getting Help For Opioid Addiction Close To Home

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What is the best way to find help close by?

If you are ready to quit opiates or opioids, you may want to start by looking for an experienced doctor. In order to get proper help, you are going to want to find a doctor certified to prescribe MAT medications. Once you know what MAT is, you may be wondering, “how do I find MAT near me?”

What is MAT?

MAT stands for Medication Assisted Treatment. While many people have heard of MAT, you may not be aware of its meaning. Hence, I am letting you know because more articles are calling it simply MAT. The medication that you may most likely associate with MAT is Suboxone.

So, why not just call it Suboxone Therapy?

While it is fine to refer to MAT as Suboxone treatment, you should always be aware that MAT includes more than just medication. The meds are there to assist with therapy, not to be the overall therapy. By therapy, I mean psychotherapy.

Now that I know what MAT means, how can I find it?

First, you can simply search Google for “MAT near me”. By doing this, you will likely find a few nearby doctors who are practicing MAT in your area. Another way to find MAT is to use one of several free resources. SAMHSA has a free physician locator. Treatment Match is yet another way to find doctors for MAT.

After finding a MAT doctor near me, what comes next?

While finding a list of nearby doctors is usually not too difficult, finding the right doctor for you can take a little more time. In order to find the best doctor for your MAT, do a little extra research. To do this, you can read reviews, articles written by or about the doctor, and you can call the doctor’s office to get an idea of how the doctor and staff are. In some cases, doctors offer free consultations. This is an excellent way to meet and get to know the doctor before committing to treatment.

OK, I am ready now to find MAT near me!

That’s great! Good luck and enjoy your new life as you travel the wonderful path to recovery.