Medication Assisted Treatment Power: MATPWR

Medication Assisted Treatment Power: MATPWR

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The Power Of Treatment That Works

For many years, addiction treatment programs have continued to do what they have always done. In addition to individual and group therapy sessions, they require residents to attend 12-step meetings. This is the foundation of abstinence based addiction therapy. In fact, this is the way that most programs run. Essentially, they use a lot of talk therapy to treat a medical condition. We must spread the word about medication assisted treatment power.

Remembering Sanitoriums

Before scientists discovered antibiotics that worked against tuberculosis, doctors treated the infection with sanitoriums. A Sanitorium was a resort-type hospital where patients were treated with fresh air and sunlight. Today, we know that rest and relaxation does not help to fight a deadly infection. In fact, doctors knew back then that their treatment did not work for most patients. Yet, they had nothing better. While we cannot fault a 19th century doctor for treating a disease with fresh air and rest, how would you feel if you discovered that sanitoriums were still in use? We now have antibiotics that kill tuberculosis. It took many brilliant scientists many years to develop these treatments. It is offensive to their legacy to suggest that we continue to treat that disease without the use of medications.

Sanitoriums for Addiction

If you read up on sanitoriums, it may occur to you that we do still have them today. We know them by other names. Residential and outpatient treatment programs include many very expensive examples of sanitoriums for addiction. For many addictions, we must be understanding of the fact that science has not discovered medical treatments yet. On the other hand, we have had very successful medical treatments for opioid addiction for many years. Incredibly, decades later, “experts” are still recommending abstinence based treatment without the use of these medications.

Medication Assisted Treatment Power

We have the power to save many lives. By using proven medications to treat the chronic illness known as opioid addiction, or opioid use disorder, we can make a difference. So, please help to spread the word that we need to use medication assisted treatment power to help our loved ones to heal.