Naltrexone Tablets Work

While there is a monthly injection form of naltrexone, it also comes in tablets. What is the difference. For one thing, the tablets are much cheaper. A monthly injection can cost well over $1000, whereas the tablets cost under $100 for a months supply. In fact, a current check of Good Rx reveals that a prescription can be purchased for around $30 with a discount card.

Does naltrexone really work to prevent opioid relapse?

Naltrexone helps to prevent relapse by suppressing cravings for opioids. While it is not a replacement for a complete program of recovery, it can help a patient greatly in achieving success.

Do the tablets work as well as the naltrexone shot?

The naltrexone shot, known by the brand name Vivitrol, works well because it lasts all month long. There is no problem with a patient forgetting to take it or refusing to take it, mid-month. On the other hand, the tablets do work quite well. For a person who is motivated to stay clean, the tablets can work at least as well as the injection.

How does Naltrexone compare to Suboxone?

Naltrexone compares favorably to Suboxone. Both medications are known to have about a 50% success rate with regards to opioid use disorder treatment. While this may not sound that great, compared to the alternative of not using medication, 50% is excellent. Non-medical therapy is known to have about a 1-10% success rate.

Is Naltrexone an opioid or a narcotic?

No, it is not. Naltrexone is an opioid blocker. It is not controlled and it is not at all addicting. People who get fully involved in the Narcotics Anonymous program will be pleased to know that there is no issue with that program and Naltrexone. Yet, they do have an official position against Suboxone-type medications. I believe that they are wrong about this and I hope that they change this position in the future.

Naltrexone sounds great. Why not use it instead of Suboxone all the time

One important issue is that it can take 1-2 weeks to clear all of the opioids out of your system to be ready to start Naltrexone. This can be a very difficult task. For some people, it is nearly impossible. Suboxone, on the other hand, can usually be started within 24 hours. Also, Suboxone does happen to work better for many people. On place where Naltrexone is an excellent choice is in residential treatment programs and detox programs. If a patient is under medical supervision and detoxed off of opioids, this is an excellent opportunity to choose naltrexone as the treatment of choice.

Who can prescribe naltrexone?

There are no specific restrictions on prescribing naltrexone. Any licensed prescriber can prescribe it. However, I recommend that patients seeking treatment for opioid addiction with naltrexone see a doctor who has extensive experience in treating opioid addiction.

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