People are Different with Buprenorphine Treatment

People are Different with Buprenorphine Treatment

People are Different with regards to Buprenorphine Treatment

We are not all the same.

People are different. We do not look the same on the outside, and we are not the same inside either.  People like certain foods, we like certain places.  Some people are loud.  Other people are quiet.  Some like art and some prefer science.

The cells inside our bodies are also different from one person to another. 

Medicines do not work the same on all people.  Part of what makes being a doctor challenging is dealing with this.  Doctors have to always remember that people are not the same.  If a medical treatment works well for many people, it may not work as well for others.

It is not your fault.

If a patient is not getting the expected result from a medical treatment, the doctor has to think about other treatments for that patient.  It is not the patient’s fault.  The patient did nothing wrong.  The doctor did nothing wrong.  Treatment just did not work.  It’s time to try something else.

Everything will be fine.

There are also times when a medical treatment will work very well, but it takes time.  It may not seem to be working at first, but, if we are patient, everything will be fine.

Your life is going to get better.

This is true of buprenorphine treatment.  I treat patients for opioid dependence in Fort Lauderdale.  Psychological opioid dependence is a form of addiction.  I have seen many patients start buprenorphine treatment.  I have watched them move on to live better lives.

It is like a miracle.

Many of my patients do very well from the very beginning. First, they stop taking drugs. The next step is taking the first dose of buprenorphine.  This film or tablet is placed under the tongue.  In most cases, the patient feels better very quickly.  It can seem like a miracle.  The drugs are gone and the person can feel like a human being again.  They can get back to their family and back to work and feel normal again.

It can be a challenge for some.

For some people, the beginning is not quite so easy.  The first dose of buprenorphine treatment may not work as well as expected.  There may be some unpleasant symptoms.  Quitting drugs can be harder for some people.  While it can be more difficult, it is never impossible.

Never give up.

So, it is important to persist. Never give up.  If you are struggling every day with opioid addiction, it is destroying your life.  Drugs will soon end your life if you do not quit.  There is more for you in the world to enjoy.  This is not the time to let drugs steal your life away from you.

Take a deep breath.

If you are starting buprenorphine treatment, please work with your doctor and stick with it.  It will get better.  You can quit drugs and enjoy life again.  You can go outside and taking a breath of fresh air and see the world.

Anyone can quit drugs.

So, please do not ever give up on yourself.  While people are different, one thing is the same.  Everyone can quit drugs and be happy again.

Therefore, If you live in Fort Lauderdale or nearby and you want to quit taking opioids such as heroin or pain medication, please call Dr. Leeds.  We can talk about how you can quit drugs now. Call 954-776-6226.