Dr. Leeds presents a new forum for conversation about finding solutions in the world of mental health.

For years, Dr. Mark Leeds has been asking the questions that you didn’t even know you had, until you finally heard them on his long-running podcast. Now, Dr. Leeds brings to you an all new podcast network, hosting more shows to bring you more thought provoking talk.

Are you looking for answers to addiction-related challenges? How do you overcome an addiction? Is it possible to resume a normal life after protracted withdrawal from drug dependency?

What about spirituality? Is there a real need for a spiritual connection in our lives? Do things happen to us for a reason? Is there a purpose to our existence?

Please return to this page for updates regarding Dr. Leeds’ upcoming new podcasts on the new Dr. Leeds Podcasting Network.

There will be new shows, hosted by experts and thought leaders, with ideas that you are going to want to hear about, and share with friends and family. We look forward to sharing our new podcasting journey with you, with the goal of helping you to discover new tools and information that can help you get started on your journey towards healing and living a life of peace and fulfillment. Let us begin together to have the conversations that will help to bring about change in our lives, making life more tolerable, and more enjoyable.