Residential Rehab MAT

Residential Rehab MAT

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Jumping On The MAT Bandwagon

If you are looking for an addiction treatment center for opioid addiction, you may notice that many now offer MAT. When it comes to residential rehab MAT, this is a new phenomenon. Historically, the addiction rehab community has despised MAT. So, what has changed?

MAT works

First of all, there is no denying science. MAT, or opioid addiction therapy using Suboxone treatment, is proven to be superior to treatment without medication. That being said, it was inevitable that the old-style rehab programs would eventually reluctantly embrace MAT.

Why did it take so long?

Many old-timers in the field of recovery dislike suboxone. In fact, they claim it is trading one addiction for another. The truth is that many of them still hate it, but they are also in the business of treating addiction. To stay in business, they have to use treatment that works so they can have more successful outcomes.

Is Residential Rehab MAT as good as MAT at a regular doctor?

This is an excellent question. While there are many doctors providing Medication Assisted Treatment in their offices, you may think that MAT at a licensed rehab will be better. In some ways, it may meet your needs best. Residential rehab MAT is usually very strict. You get your treatment in a controlled environment where they make certain that you get therapy and that you take your meds.

What are the downsides to Residential Rehab MAT?

While you can recover with MAT in a rehab center, there are some negatives. First, it is expensive. If you do not have insurance, you will find rehab to be quite costly. Additionally, the program directors often still despise MAT, although they are providing it. This can mean that you do not get the best follow through. When you leave rehab, they should arrange for you to see a doctor for ongoing medical care. Often, what happens is that they leave you out in the cold when it comes to finishing MAT. You may have to find your own doctor after discharge. At least, now the rehabs are offering MAT. As this article discusses, historically, outcomes at abstinence-based rehabs have been abysmal.

Upper limit problems

Another consideration is the issue of medication upper limits. As it turns out, many programs limit the upper dose of Suboxone to 8mg daily or less. While this works fine for many patients, it will not always be enough to get started. In these days of potent heroin and fentanyl, many patients will do better with as much as 16mg daily to start. Everyone is different, so it can be detrimental to set an artificial upper limit such as 8mg or 4mg as a daily Suboxone dosage.

A final word

In conclusion, you will have to decide for yourself what is going to work best for you. In my opinion, seeing an experienced doctor works very well for most patients. This being said, it is possible that you will do very well with residential rehab MAT.