Substance Abuse Treatment Broward County Needs For The 21st Century

Substance Abuse Treatment Broward County Needs For The 21st Century

The New Recovery

The substance abuse treatment Broward County should have, without a doubt, would certainly include Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). If you have followed this blog over the past few years, you know that I feel strongly about this topic. For the best outcomes for all opioid addicts, MAT should be part of all treatment programs.

What is MAT?

MAT is the use of medicine to treat addiction. Therefore, it requires regular visits to a doctor. This makes sense, since addiction is a medical condition. Yet, many programs are still not on board.

We are making progress.

Fortunately, there are more program directors who realize that MAT is important. The fact is that it works. MAT is evidence based and proven. So, if you want to quit opioids or opiates, consider MAT for the best outcome.

Where can you go for MAT?

Until all addiction treatment programs and doctors are in agreement about the successes of MAT, finding an MAT program will take some effort. There are free online websites that have directories of doctors who are prepared to treat patients with MAT. Treatment Match is one example.

MAT in our part of South Florida.

The substance abuse treatment Broward County provides in the many treatment programs available can be hit and miss. Many programs still follow an abstinence-only philosophy. Unfortunately, this can lead to the withholding of MAT from patients who may greatly benefit from it.

Our hope for the future of substance abuse treatment Broward County gives to its residents.

We hope that the addiction treatment programs that do not provide MAT or, only provide it for a very limited time period, will reconsider. Moreover, we would like to see a standard protocol established that all programs must follow. By providing MAT across the board to more patients, our local residents will have more success and fewer relapses. in conclusion, I believe that we can all agree that having more productive members of our community is a desirable outcome.