The C Three Foundation, The Sinclair Method, And Controlled Drinking

The C Three Foundation, The Sinclair Method, And Controlled Drinking

An interview with Jenny Williamson of the C Three Foundation

I recently had the honor of interviewing Jenny R. Williamson, MPA, Executive Director of the Board of Directors of the C Three Foundation. The C Three Foundation is dedicated to helping people by providing information about The Sinclair Method and TSM protocols.

Ms. Williamson believes in accessibility to all people who are concerned about thier alcohol consumption. She has worked hard to earn the trust of all people who interact with the C Three Foundation by instilling the values of gratitude, honesty, integrity, openness, positivity, and privacy.

She believes that, while society, the legal system, and traditional alcohol addiction treatment options have failed people who struggle with alcoholism, that there is hope with the sucess of the harm reduction focused Sinclair Method. For eight years, Jenny Williamson has led the C Three Foundation on this path to success in building a bridge between physicians, nurse practitioners, and individuals seeking help and information about how they can control alcohol consumption and prevent any serious health problem that may arise from chronic alcohol misuse.

The Sinclair Method has been referred to as a vaccine that protects against the consequences of alcohol abuse.

The protocol involves the use of the prescription opiate blocker, naltrexone, or nalmefene.The science behind TSM involves pharmacological extinction, reminiscent of the groundbreaking work of Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Dr. Ivan Pavlov. Pharmacological extinction is a process that occurs in the brain when a person takes naltrexone one hour before drinking.

Over time, this revolutionary form of alcohol treatment leads to a state known by those who practice it as “extinction.” At this point, the person no longer has any desire to have a drink. While they may still choose to have a drink occasionally in conjunction with the opioid blocking medication, they no longer have cravings, obsessions, or compulsions regarding alcoholic beverages. It is incredible that this method is able to extinguish a person’s craving, often with minimal difficulty.

At the point of extinction, and sometimes before, many alcohol dependent people who practice TSM make a decision to stop drinking altogether. The program is flexible in this way.

There are different ways to practice TSM. It depends on the person and the extent to which alcohol use disorder has had an impact on their life.

What is the C Three Foundation and why does it exist?

The C Three Foundation was founded by actress Claudia Christian. Ms. Christian experienced first hand the dysfunctional nature of the treatment industry when she attended rehab for treatment when her alcohol consumption started to get out of control.

She realized that the rehab industry is based more on the principles of the Alcoholics Anonymous program than medical science. Being an intelligent and curious person, she became interested in the topic of medical treatment options for treating an alcoholic as a medical patient and not a person who a must deal with defects of character and personal shortcomings to overcome alcoholism.

In her search for answers, Ms. Christian came across the Sinclair Method and the power of one little pill combined with controlled drinking to help heal the brain from the effects of alcohol addiction. She discovered that TSM was highly effective and did not require the pseudoscience of group therapy and public shaming.

As you can imagine, after having great success with TSM, Ms. Christian wondered why so few people knew about this highly effective method of treating alcohol use disorder.

Why did alcohol treatment programs not offer TSM as an option?

Even thought the data supported TSM as an effective treatment option, rehab administrators refused to entertain the possibility that this life-saving harm reduction method might be able to help many people to survive the dangers of alcohol addiction. Claudia Christian became determined to make use of her fame as an actress to increase awareness of the Sinclair Method.

She started out with some highly effective actions that helped greatly to spread the word. Her TEDx video has been viewed millions of times and has helped many individuals get started on the path to finding a doctor willing work with them in implementing TSM.

Additionally, she wrote a book titled, “Babylon Confidential,” named after her landmark Sci Fi program that ran for five seasons in which she starred in a leading role in the first four seasons. The book is an autobiography that finishes with the final chapters describing her descent into the darkness of alcohol use disorder, and her subsequent discovery of the Sinclair Method, helping her to reclaim her life and her career.

One Little Pill is a 2014 documentary about The Sinclair Method.

As an accomplished actress and filmmaker, Claudia produced an award winning documentary about the Sinclair Method, titled “One Little Pill.” This 2014 film is an excellent introduction to TSM and is often recommended to patients by knowledgeable physicians.

Still, with all of the hard work Ms. Christian put into increasing TSM awareness, she still found that doctors were refusing to administer the program to their patients and people seeking treatment were unable to get the information and support that they required.

Because she saw clearly that there was a need for something more, she founded the C Three Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating doctors, institutions, and people looking for answers to the issue of reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption. This tax exempt organization is not a private foundation like the well-funded private foundations of billionaires, such as the Gates Foundation and others.

The C Three Foundation functions as a charity, relying on charitable contributions, fund raising, and donations.

At the beginning, Claudia appointed Jenny R. Williamson to be Executive Director of the C Three Foundation, because of her knowledge in managing entities that had a need for grants, and fundraising activities, as well as someone who was able to manage everything from building websites, to running social media campaigns, to organizing peer support groups.

The main goal of the C Three Foundation has always been to ensure equal access to treatment with TSM. All people who have concerns about excess alcohol consumption deserve to learn more about TSM and to find healthcare providers with TSM experience.

For nearly a decade, the organization has educated doctors and created a treatment locator that has helped prospective patients to find local physicians as well as telemedicine providers. For patients interested in finding a concierge telemedicine TSM doctor, they will be able to use the C Three Foundation website to find one who can provide TSM treatment for them.

When people see that the organization was founded by Claudia Christian, who still serves as Chief Executive Officer, they may assume that a famous actress can afford to provide all the funding the program requires. After all, is it not true that all well known actors are multi-millionaires?

Why does the C Three Foundation need our support?

You might be surprised to learn that a hard working actor, even having regular acting work in television, film, and video game voice acting, is not necessarily a very wealthy person. Of course, it can be well paid work, providing an income on par with a successful doctor or lawyer. However, this does not mean that Claudia has the resources to live her own life and also fund an educational foundation dedicated to moving the field of alcohol addiction treatment into the twenty-first century.

While the online presence of the C Three Foundation, with over 10,000 visitors every month, appears to be a major presence in the addiction treatment education field, it is still mainly run by two women, Claudia Christian, S.A.C. Dip., and Jenny R. Williamson, MPA. From providing resources at live medical conventions all over the US, to providing coaching resources, literature, a treatment locator, and much more, these two women, with a small team of volunteers, have accomplished a great deal in bringing TSM to the mainstream, helping doctors to help their patients more effectively.

Of course, alcohol misuse is a major problem in the US and around the world. Severe alcohol use disorder, where a person clearly has an alcohol problem, leading to family interventions and long stays in rehab, is only the tip of the iceburg. Alcohol use is pervasive in society and excess alcohol consumption starts in high school or college for many people.

Binge drinking and excessive drinking is a problem that goes far beyond clinical alcoholism.

Many people go on to continue excessive drinking for a lifetime, going on occasional binges on weekends and during holidays. It is difficult to calculate the expense to society caused by lost productivity and health consequences due to what is often referred to as “gray area drinking.”

Anxiety, depression, and even suicide are consequences that are often related to alcohol misuse. There is the potential for helping millions of people to get their drinking under control with TSM.

While the goal of many people in programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous is to become sober and maintain long-term abstinence, there are other paths to sobriety. TSM has been studied to have a 78% success rate, which is higher than most addiction treatment therapies.

If you are interested in becoming one of the many donors who help out this non profit organization on a monthly basis, you may be interested in joining the C Three Crusaders. Your donation will go towards helping the C Three community to provide advocacy for TSM by increasing the employed staff and growing the effective volunteer program.

Visit the C Three Foundation website to learn more about what they do.

A good place to start, if you are interested in helping out, is to watch the documentary film, “One Little Pill.” Then, visit the C Three Foundation website and see what two women with help from their dedicated volunteers have been able to accomplish.

I also recommend reading Claudia Christian’s book, “Babylon Confidential.” If you are not already aware of her accomplishments, you will be interested to learn that she had a leading role in Disney’s Atlantis Lost Empire animated film, interestingly as a character named Helga Sinclair.

Her role on the Babylon Five series as Commander Susan Ivanova has led to her being a regular on the Sci Fi convention circuit with a huge following of fans of that groundbreaking program. She has even hosted her own convention, Claudia Con UK.

With her magical distinctive voice, she has starred as a voice actor cast member in many animated features as well as many video games. Regarding my podcast episode interview with Claudia, some of my listeners reached out and said that they knew her voice very well from games such as SkyRim, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Halo.

In addition to her full acting career, Claudia Christian has dedicated much of her time to being and advocate for TSM.

In her book, you will be fascinated by her long-term relationship with billionaire Dodi Fayed. We laern that Dodi was, in a sense, a regular nice guy who happened to be a billionaire. He even helped her to prepare for her role as Commander Susan Ivanova by teaching her about popular science fiction shows, such as Star Trek.

In addition to Claudia’s incredible success in the world of film, television, and voice acting, she has been an incredible advocate for TSM and its ability to save lives and restore lives.

While Claudia has been the well known as the leader of the C Three Foundation, it is important to point out that Jenny R. Williamson has been there all along, doing the heavy lifting to make the organization as effective as it is today. If you have interest in the topic of helping people to stop drinking excessively, please consider reaching out to Ms. Williamson to ask what you can do to help.

She is always looking for willing volunteers, and there is always a need for donations and further fundraising. Supporting the C Three Foundation is a worthy cause.

By supporting the C Three Foundation, we can do our part in helping people to overcome alcohol use disorder. When people drink less, the world becomes a better place.

While it would be nice if alcohol did not exist and no one ever had to take another drink, we must approach the issue in a practical manner. TSM works and is a highly effective harm reduction method to help people to drink less alcohol.