VIP Rehab: The Best In Acohol And Opioid Addiction Treatment

VIP Rehab: The Best In Acohol And Opioid Addiction Treatment

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What are the best luxury brands that provide the ultimate rehab experience?

Luxury rehabs became popular in the early 2000s due to high demand for a luxury rehab experience. Signature rehab programs and VIP drug treatment programs promised the consumer many amenities to ensure their comfort.

While the best-known luxury detox and rehab programs are in New York and Los Angeles, there are many well-known programs beyond Beverly Hills and Manhattan. One up-and-coming luxury rehab destination is the South Florida area, also known as Greater Miami, or the Miami Metropolitan Area. This region includes Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach as well as Miami Beach.

Beware programs that promote rehab amenities on social media channels.

Before making the journey to South Florida, be aware that there have been rehab programs in the past that market amenities such as beaches, cable television, and gym memberships. Often, these rehab facilities are managed by service providers more interested in profit than results. They use marketing tactics that can be deceptive.

The best luxury rehab for opioid addiction or alcoholism is the one that gives you the best results so you do not have to go back again. The benefit of a quality luxury rehab is that it provides not only comfort during your stay, but results based in science.

Are you at high risk for having greater difficulty recovering due to one or more of these qualities?

There are personal qualities that can make recovery from addiction more difficult. These include high intelligence, creativity, and a high level of motivation to be successful.

Having a high level of wealth or income can make recovery difficult as well because, if you are independently wealthy, your resources for getting high never run out. From the struggling CEO, to the distressed entrepreneur and founder, getting back on track and staying on track is critical.

Many high functioning people are in situations where they cannot afford to fail within a particular time window. Going away to long-term rehab or getting caught up in a program that takes all of your attention, time, and effort may undermine your critical functioning in completing your life’s work. You need help, but the help must be in line with you accomplishing your goals.

Enjoy the comfort of luxury real estate combined with the amenities of your choice.

Imagine the experience of staying in a luxury hotel, spa, villa, or one of many available rental luxury homes in the warm and welcoming sub-tropical paradise of Florida. Your living situation is under your control, you are not handing your freedom over to a rehab corporation.

Now, you have the opportunity to work with top area doctors and therapists to get the ultimate in rehab treatment from the comfort of your own living and work space. No one is going to take your laptop and phone away and tell you when to go to bed and when to wake up.

A luxury rehab program should respect your freedom and unique abilities, while providing the best in medical addiction treatment.

The goal is to provide scientifically-backed medical treatment to help you regain full functioning and put the drugs or alcohol aside. Your journey to recovery should be compatible with your journey to success in life. You should not have to leave your family and work to spend weeks or months sitting in rehab groups, talking to strangers about your personal issues.

The ideal luxury rehab program should be between you and licensed medical professionals. You should be able to have regular, around-the-clock access to your doctor. A luxury rehab promising VIP drug treatment should not cut corners and hand your care over to under-qualified counselors and non-physicians.

There is no reason to limit your enjoyment of your stay in Florida. You decide what you are going to do with your time beyond medical treatment. If you enjoy travel, yachts, beaches, fashion and shopping, or just relaxing by the pool, you can help to design your ultimate luxury rehab program.

Medication-assisted treatment for opioid dependence works and should be an integral part of any luxury rehab program.

Patients of concierge Suboxone doctors share one of the best kept secrets when it comes to successful rehab from opioid addiction. When your doctor is knowledgeable, experienced, always available, and has the utmost respect for you, your chances for success increase exponentially.

Many rehab programs are now getting involved in medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction, but they have a fundamental misunderstanding of how it works. There are nuances to providing the best in Suboxone care. Concierge buprenorphine doctors have been assisting their patients in achieving success for many years.

Concierge rehab with a private physician and concierge nursing can be highly effective.

It is not always easy to locate a quality private doctor. Social media and search engines are overwhelmed with large corporations with huge marketing budgets. They often promise that they can help you to overcome any addiction or mental health problem that you can imagine.

If you want to see the difference between a quality concierge physician providing a luxury rehab experience and the typical rehab program promoted online, ask yourself this question. “Who will my doctor be at that program? Do they tell me up front anything about my prospective doctor and that doctor’s philosophy on addiction treatment?”

Rather than enroll in a faceless, corporate program that tells you nothing about the doctor you are going to be seeing, wouldn’t it be great to be able to learn as much as possible about your doctor before making a commitment? Will they assign you to just any doctor, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner? Will you even get to see the same practitioner for follow-up visits?

A top-notch concierge doctor who provides alcohol and opioid addiction recovery therapy not only addresses the needs of their patients, they will also put in the extra effort to educate the public in written articles, recorded podcast conversations with experts, and other media outlets, such as YouTube videos. You should be able to know your VIP addiction doctor very well before your first confidential consultation or medical visit.

What options are available for alcohol treatment?

Not all people who drink too much on occasion are alcoholics. There are people who may consider themselves to be “gray area drinkers.”

If you are a gray area drinker, you drink more than you would like at times, but you do not necessarily drink every day or around the clock. While there are people with advanced alcohol use disorder who may require more intensive treatment, some people simply want to reduce their alcohol intake with an eye on the goal of eventually stopping.

Have you heard of The Sinclair Method?

The Sinclair Method, or TSM, may be the ultimate solution for many society social drinkers who find themselves having just one too many, or several too many, drinks on occasion when having a glass of wine with friends. Wanting to limit yourself to just one glass of wine does not mean that you must check in to rehab right away.

TSM is a medical, harm-reduction method of helping people to control their drinking, and even stop drinking altogether if that is the goal. While quitting alcohol altogether is an excellent idea, it is not always practical, or even the best way to go about starting treatment.

If you find yourself drinking a bit too much sometimes and your friends are encouraging you to get help, you may put off seeing a doctor because you are not ready to quit drinking yet. If you knew that the medical treatment allowed you to continue having an occasional glass of wine, would you be more likely to start sooner?

A TSM doctor will prescribe medication that you take before you drink. The medication helps you to limit your drinking, and it trains your brain to not be as obsessed with alcohol.

Here is how to go to luxury rehab on your terms.

You are a human being and a unique individual with a lifestyle that you may choose to not have interrupted by the traditional rehab experience. Fortunately, you have choices.

The world is waking up to the failures of the old rehab model. It is time to start looking for better solutions. For many people who are struggling with addiction while trying to maintain their family life and move forward with their life’s work, the ultimate solution has been here all along.

A private, concierge medical addiction treatment physician can work with you to design the perfect program to meet your needs. Now is the time to get started with a consultation to get all the answers you need to make the best decision so you can get started with your recovery. Personalized rehab is an excellent solution to implementing a quality substance abuse treatment plan that works.