Walt Disney dreamed of a planned community that would represent the city of the future. He wanted this city to maintain small-town charm and beauty while existing in the modern world, making the most of modern technology. The Walt Disney Company transformed Disney’s vision after his death and came up with the EPCOT theme park in Walt Disney World to demonstrate elements of this prototype city of tomorrow. Not long after the opening of EPCOT in the early 80s, Walt Disney Productions acquired The Arvida Corporation.

While the goal of integrating Arvida into Disney was to develop a massive area of land around Walt Disney World, Arvida also developed a community to the west of Fort Lauderdale which is now the city of Weston. One could argue that, through Arvida, Disney finally realized the dream of creating a true prototype city of tomorrow. While it is the home of many satisfied residents and businesses, it could be studied as a model of how a well designed and well run community can keep alive Walt’s dream to provide a place where each family can live safely and comfortably without fearing the dangers of modern city life.

Weston, FL is to the west of Fort Lauderdale and bordered by the cities of Sunrise and Plantation. While these cities are all considered a part of the greater Fort Lauderdale area and Broward County, they are still unique and distinct cities that have characteristics to make them ideal for certain businesses and residents. Weston, for example, is an ideal place to raise a family. The quiet streets of individual communities are safe, quiet places for children to play and walk to school.

Part of what makes Weston, FL special is the unique location. Weston is adjacent to a part of the Everglades National Park. In fact, the creation of this planned and designed community was somewhat controversial because of this. The land for the city was originally a part of the Everglades. Apparently, new swamp land was created to make up for the fact that a large area of natural swamp was transformed into residential property. This ancient swamp land where the Tequesta and Seminole Indians once hunted and fished is now home to houses and shopping centers.

Putting aside the somewhat negative aspect of Weston being built on what should have been protected lands, the community is something special in that it is a place of beauty and peace. Winding roads and paths and a wide variety of trees providing shade and beauty make Weston a wonderful place to walk and ride bicycles, exercise and play in the many beautiful parks. Driving through Weston, if you think about it, you may feel as if you are in one of the many theme parks of Walt Disney World. The landscaping is meticulously well kept and the many small shops provide friendly service. From restaurants to ice cream shops, you can find some of the finest dining spots of South Florida right here in Weston.

One special part of the location of Weston, being in the middle of the Everglades, is that there are many interesting birds flying about and nesting in the trees. If you take a moment to stop and listen, you will hear beautiful bird chirps and melodies surrounding you. This is an important part of breaking away from the stress of work addiction and the fast pace of modern life. If you stop what you are doing, stand and take a deep breath, and then focus on the sounds around you, you will calm your mind and spirit. This sort of exercise will help you to be aware of your thoughts and find peace in your life. Dr. Bryan Robinson, expert on work addiction, recommends such exercises in his book, #Chill. What better place to #Chill than Weston, FL?

So what if you like to go to the beach? If you moved to Fort Lauderdale to be near the ocean and beachfront, you may have found that property near the beach is not the best place to raise a family. There is more crime and traffic. You may choose to find a home in Weston for the safety and peace of mind that comes from living in a small town community. Yet, what if you still love going to the beach to see the ocean? Fortunately, there are large, modern highways that make it easy to drive from Weston to the Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood beaches. It does not take long to drive from Weston to the beach and back again. If you are on vacation in Weston, in the Vacation Village or one of the many other resorts, you will find that getting to the famous South Florida beaches is not too difficult.

While Davie, a city to the east of Weston, is known for its many universities, Weston is known for having a large number of modern medical facilities. For example, there is the Cleveland Clinic. If you prefer more individualized and personalized care, you will also find many independent doctors, dentists and other medical professionals in the many medical arts buildings around Weston. There are doctors in nearly every medical specialty. While there is not any addiction treatment facility of note in the city of Weston currently, we hope that this will change soon.

As you can imagine, addiction can affect all people from all walks of life. So, even in the idyllic city of Weston, there are people who struggle with addiction to alcohol and drugs, including opioids. In fact, we have seen in our office patients who are long-time residents of Weston who are trying to overcome opioid addiction. They are often hard working professionals who, along the way, found themselves addicted to opiates. This is not a moral failing on their part. Addiction is a disease that requires medical treatment.

We welcome residents of Weston to our medical practice in Fort Lauderdale. Just as it is an easy drive out to the beach, it is also an easy drive to our medical office. In fact, we are just across the street from the beach. Someday, we hope to open another location either in the city of Weston, or possibly in nearby Davie.

Walt Disney, in planning the Experimental Prototype City Of Tomorrow (EPCOT), did not anticipate the opioid epidemic that we struggle with today. What he did plan for in his planned prototype community was to use modern science and technology to address whatever issues may arise. When it comes to treating opioid addiction and reducing the harm caused by opioids, the latest advances in medical science involve the use of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).

For the residents of Weston who have found themselves in trouble with opioids, we hope to bring MAT to Weston in the near future. In the meantime, you are welcome to take the short drive to our scenic location near Fort Lauderdale beach for a comfortable visit with a doctor who will take the time to listen to you. When it comes to treating addiction, it is most important that the doctor listen carefully to his patient. Kindness, caring and compassion are of the utmost importance. In order for a doctor to provide the best care, he must respect his patient and understand what they are going through.

You deserve better than cookie-cutter, assembly-line treatment. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to be recognized as a real person who is more than just a disease or an addiction. From Weston to Fort Lauderdale and everywhere in between, we hope to provide the best in personalized care for our patients. We welcome you to call today to schedule an appointment so you can get started with a program that will help you to recover and enjoy a life of peace, happiness and freedom.